Former Disney Star Jordan Pruitt Files Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Abuse

Jordan Pruitt, who is a former Walt Disney music star and The Voice contestant, has filed a lawsuit against her former manager, Keith Thomas, alleging that he sexually abused her since she was only fourteen years old until her sixteenth birthday. In addition to the lawsuit against Thomas, she has also filed lawsuits against Hollywood Records and Walt Disney for neglecting to stop the abuse. She claims they allowed him to work with her without supervision, despite likely having known he was a sexual abuser.

On commenting on the lawsuits against Disney and Hollywood Records, Pruitt stated in an interview with Variety, “Unfortunately these companies are primarily concerned with sales, money, and charts. Too often they fall short of protecting the young talent that they are ‘supposed’ to be caretakers for. Time and time again we see people in positions of power fail us. I couldn’t be more disappointed in how Disney treats their underage talent like cash cows.” 

Pruitt went on to state, “I am standing up and speaking out not only for myself, but for the countless victims across the world who have never been given the opportunity for justice.”

According to Variety, the lawsuit claims that “Thomas groomed Pruitt for abuse, controlling her entire professional life, cutting off contact with boys her own age, and putting her down with negative comments about her looks and talents.” 

The suit goes on to claim that he, like many other abusers, would shower her with compliments and statements about how no one loved her like he did and their relationship was “special” and must remain a secret. The court documents have since been released to the public.

Pruitt is also planning on writing a book on the trauma titled Abuse Anonymous.