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Excel This Semester With Help From Her Campus Survival Kits

Fall semester is full of new and exciting things: interesting classes, football games, and endless amounts of tasty lattes. Collegiettes everywhere know that while there is much fun to be had, academic success is ultimately at the top of the list. While it can be easy for even the most organized and focused student to feel overwhelmed at some point during the semester, there are certain ways to practice self-care and ensure you thrive at your fullest potential.

Check out the items from Her Campus’ Fall 2017 “Back to School” Survival Kit below and learn how you can make the best of your experience!


1. Freeman Beauty

Had a long week of classes, extracurriculars, and life in general? Freeman Beauty’s Clay and Gel Masks in Cucumber, Manuka Honey, and Charcoal will scrub away the stress and leave you feeling fresh-faced and ready to face the week ahead!  


2. Aéropostale

Accessories are a great way to feel a little more dressed up while also complementing personal style. Don’t forget to check out Aero Denim either for tons of great looks! These ever-stylish items from Aéropostale will do just the trick in boosting your confidence any day of the week!


3. Bed Head by TIGI

We’ve all been there: you’re running late and your hair absolutely refuses to cooperate. With help from any of these fantastic Bed Head by TIGI sprays, you will be on your way to class (sans hat) without having to worry if your hair looks presentable.


4. Spindrift Sparkling Water

Let’s face it: sparkling water has taken the college scene by storm over the past year. Everywhere you go, it’s possible to find someone enjoying their “bubbles.” Sprindrift stands out by being one of the only brands to triple filter its water and use real fruit in its beverages. The stylish cans don’t hurt either!


5. Erin Condren

Staying on top of assignments (and social life) has never been easier thanks to Erin Condren’s line of planners, notebooks, journals, and stationery. The trendy design of these planners will help all collegiettes stay organized and ready for any challenge.


6. HI-CHEW Candy

Who doesn’t like a chewy treat every once-in-a-while? Made with real fruit flavor and bursting with delicious texture, HI-CHEW is the perfect snack to carry in your backpack and enjoy between classes. HI-CHEW has been a hit in Asia for the past several years, and now its 6+ flavors are hitting the market in the U.S. With Halloween right around the corner, these treats make a perfect addition to your candy stash.


7. L’Oréal Paris

It’s no surprise that as the days grow colder and we trade our cutoffs for sweaters and leggings, our skin tends to take a turn for the worst. With help from L’Oréal Paris, though, you can fight against dry, pale skin and treat yourself to hydration and a nice sun-kissed color.  


8. Steripod

If you’re someone who travels home on the weekend or often finds herself visiting one friend’s apartment after another, carrying your toothbrush with you is essential. Steripod’s clip on protector case keeps your toothbrush clean for up to 3 months at a time, and is a seriously handy item to have in caring for your dental hygiene.    

With a wealth of items to get you through Fall semester, we hope you remember to care for yourself always! Visit our social media pages for a chance to win some of these great finds, too.


Photos by Abigail Bashor.

Abbey is an Ohio native currently caught between the charm of the Midwest and the lure of the big city. She loves all things politics and pop culture, and is always ready to discuss the intersections of both. Her favorite season is awards season and she is a tireless advocate of the Oxford Comma. Abbey will take a cup of lemon tea over coffee any day and believes that she can convince you to do the same. As a former English major, she holds the power of words near and dear.
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