"A Dwight Place"

Many people have been talking about John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt’s new movie, A Quiet Place. The couple not only star in the movie, but actually wrote the screenplay together as well. I have not yet had the pleasure of watching the movie, but I have heard that it is very good.

John Krasinksi has clearly outdone himself in his career, not only starring and writing this movie, but also being the voice we all recognize on the esurance commercials. But the real reason we all know and love the name is because of his iconic role of Jim Halpert on The Office. Due to this role, he has become a pretty popular actor, which made the debut of this movie a fun one to anticipate. Let me just say, The Office fans did not disappoint.

Exhibit A is a twitter post in which @tbhoffice posts a picture of the episode when the characters were on their longest quiet streak, only to be interrupted by Kevin eating a candy bar.

For exhibit B, Angie Treasure weighs in with a joke about the jinx.


In exhibit C Chris Kelly was just as disappointed as we were at some people’s lack of culture.


Exhibit D: the legendary camera stare.

And last, but absolutely not least, is a fan made parody trailer called “A Dwight Place” in which Dwight is the source of John’s (or, more appropriately, Jim’s) family’s haunting. The trailer did not disappoint, including Dwight wearing his CPR dummy face mask, bankruptcy Michael, and, our favorite Office quote, “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.”

Whether you love scary movies or hate them, we can all agree these fans were pretty clever and humorous. And I think we can also say that Jim can definitely rock a beard.