Doritos for Women - Fact or Fiction

Just last week, the world of food had officially changed forever. That’s right, somewhere along the lines of branding for the Doritos company, someone decided to come up with an idea of chips that are less crunchier. They decided, whoever it was, to call it “Doritos for Her.”

And that’s when the internet went crazy. Nobody knows for certain if it’s fact or fiction. Did Doritos come up with an idea for house moms to eat doritos in peace so nobody can judge them? Or just because it isn’t lady like to ‘hear your food being chewed?’ Someone somewhere started this crazy rumor and the internet, in deed, vocalized their opinions on it.


According to the company, they never once discussed a Dorito that was specifically for women. Either way, the internet got some great humor out of it and we are still left to wonder, was this fact or fiction?