Colourpop Comes To Sephora

If you’re like me, new to the makeup world and can’t spend all your money on such luxurious items, you look somewhere cheap. As a broke college student during my sophomore year, my roommates showed me the beautiful world of colourpop. A fun, edgy, makeup company that is extremely affordable. Colourpop was strictly online, which is nice because you can shop for makeup from the comfort of your own bed.

In August of this year, it was announced that Colourpop would be available for purchase in Sephora shops. Which to some people, may just seem like another makeup brand being added to any other makeup store. For me, though, (and several others) this is something to dance for. Instead of having to pay shipping costs and wait for my new lip color or eye shadow palette to arrive, it is now possible to access them in person.

For their debut, the company is dropping a new palette, “Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette,” inspired by their home city. The palette features warm golds, bronzes, and burgundies, as well as some pans of pink and beige.

Unlike the website, the palette retails for $26, about $10 more than a typical palette online. But it’s important to keep in mind that this palette is much more than any of their other palettes. It’s great for a casual smoky eye for a nice night out; there is so much to do with it!

As for the rest of Colourpop? I’m still super excited to see one of my favorite online stores available at makeup stores.