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Cleveland Sports Turning Heads Once Again

The Cleveland Indians have been turning heads ever since the 2016 season when they made it to the World Series, ending in a devastating Game 7 loss. However, that’s not the point here; the Indians have been on a roll lately.  As of September 14, 2017 the Indians had a 22-game winning streak. Unfortunately, this streak ended Friday, but the Indians still have longest winning streak in the MLB which is hella exciting.  

It’s no surprise that LeBron James is a huge supporter of the Tribe; anyone who watched last year’s World Series knows this. This year is no different: Lebron showed his support by giving the team a shoutout on social media congratulating them on their 21-game winning streak.  In the video James states, “To come back after a devastating loss in the championship rounds, man, big shout out. For ya’ll to  come back the way ya’ll are playing right now, so commendable. Keep it going.”  

The Indians are doing amazing things and if we’re being honest, it’s inspiring.  Think about it, how many times in your life have you had a setback?  Probably a few times. The Tribe had the same thing happen: to come so close to bringing home another championship to Cleveland the same year as the Cavs and having it slip through their fingers due to, in my opinion, a rain delay.  Watching them play you can tell they’re definitely out to have history repeat itself, but this time with a favorable outcome.    

Just a girl who loves everything Cleveland and striving to make one positive impact a day. 
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