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Childhood Halloween Books you might remember 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Akron chapter.

As a child my favorite holiday was halloween.  I loved the theme of getting candy, mythical creatures, and black cats.  During my childhood, my aunt would take care of me while my parents were always working.  She would always read picture books to me, especially my favorite theme, Halloween. Reading these picture books all these years helped expand my imagination and later on give me inspiration to write stories as well.  

Bony Legs – Joanna Cole (1983) 

A little girl named Sasha escapes from a witch who tries to eat her with the help of a dog and cat.   This book was inspired by the Baba Yaga story of a creature living in a house stood by chicken feet and also eats her victims.  

In a Dark, Dark Room & Other Scary Stories – Alvin Schwartz (1984) 

A collection of tales that include seven horror stories.  

Stories included: 

The Teeth 

In the Graveyard

The Green Ribbon

In A Dark, Dark Room

The Night It Rained

The Pirate

The Ghost of John 

My favorite from this series used to be the green ribbon.  It starts off when Jenny and Alfred were kids then grew up getting married and got old together. Ever since he met her he questioned why she would wear a green ribbon around her neck which she would avoid answering the question until it was finally time.  

The Little Old Lady who was Afraid of Nothing – Linda Williams (1986) 

An elderly woman takes a walk through the forest.  As she goes on a long walk it gets dark she notices suspicious activity going on the farther she walks.  

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