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Let’s rewind to 2013.

BTS debuts with “NO MORE DREAM” and I, a 15 year old who is up too late on a school night, am amazed at their visuals and overall performance. They were synchronized with every step and I was immediately pulled in.

I started following them more and more, spending money on their albums and posters. I met some pretty good friends through liking BTS, but I was also met with criticism for liking music that wasn’t “American” or “English.” I know a lot of other fans of Korean Pop/Hip-Hop feel this way as well. As I got older I didn’t follow them as much but I would still put on their albums when I needed a good dance around the room.

Fast forward to 2017, it was announced that BTS would be performing on the AMAs. For once I was going to see a group I was so fond of getting to perform on a global scale and not just on a small showcase. My heart was beating as the time came closer for them to perform.

Then, it was here.

The Chainsmokers announced them and V appeared emerging from a cloud of smoke singing the first lines to “DNA.” All of the late nights, all of the tweeting, all of the re-blogging, came down to this one moment. It was real. A group I poured my heart and soul into was really performing at the AMERICAN Music Awards.

The guys looked so happy and of course absolutely KILLED their performance of “DNA.” The audience was going wild, the fan chants could be heard they were so loud, but most importantly, the same guys who worked so hard to get put in a group with tiring training, the same guys who debuted with “NO MORE DREAM,” the same guys who worked hard to make their fans happy all these years, finally got the recognition they deserved and made it to America.

Not only did they make it to the AMAs, but they made it to the Jimmy Kimmel stage to perform in a show that sold out in 5 minutes. On November 24th, they’re releasing the english version to “MIC drop,” and I’m sure that will rocket up the charts. To know what goes into becoming an idol and to see them where they are now after that performance just warms my heart.

So, keep an eye out for BTS because they’re going to really start changing

Hello everyone! My name is Shaye and I'm a Media Studies major at The University of Akron. Writing and video production are my passions and I hope my writing can create a passion in you! 
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