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An Honest Review of “Money Heist” (Spoilers)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Akron chapter.

La Casa De Papel, also known as Money Heist, is a Netflix show taking place in Spain. In the show, a
professor takes in a group of criminals to help him with his plan of creating the biggest heist in
history. It is narrated by a woman who goes by the name of ‘Tokyo’. The people on the team,
besides the professor, are supposed to be named after major cities all around the world. They even have a ferret who is named Sofia after the capital of Bulgaria.

Money Heist has been my favorite show since my junior year of high school. What I love about
it is that every main character goes into detail with their past. It shows that they had a life
outside of the heist and that they had goals and dreams besides the money.

Season one was my favorite season because we got to learn valuable information about their
plans. The professor had three rules he gave everyone, which were 1.no real names, 2.no outside
relationships between people on the team, and 3. no killing people – even though all of those rules get
broken later on by at least one person.

The two main things I did not expect from the show was killing off Tokyo, and Alicia Sierra
becoming cordial with The Professor at the end. Tokyo was the lead character, which we also
know the most about and then ends up dying in mid-season 5 by suicide, and taking down Gandia
in the process. She was in so much pain caused by the people she was against and realized that
she can only end her pain in one way. Alicia Sierra had caused a lot of problems for The
Professor which messed up a lot of his plans but they ended up making amends showing that The
Professor was an easily forgiving person.

Overall, I liked how the series turned out. The writers wanted to capture their viewers attention so
they added a lot of twists and even did things in the series that the viewers wouldn’t like such as
killing off their favorite characters. Although the writers did that, they still included them in
flashbacks and would still have them mentioned later on. Even though the original series of
Money Heist has ended, I look forward to watching the remake that is said to be released some
time in 2022 taking place in South Korea.

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