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An Honest Review of Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area (Spoilers)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Akron chapter.

Recently Netflix aired a new series called Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area which is a
remake of the Spanish television series, Money Heist but in Spain they call it La casa de papel.
As a remake, the plotline and characters names are the same but there are a few changes. A few
differences include adding a more geographical plot, the relationship between Tokyo and Rio and
the backstory of Berlin.

In the newer version they only have six episodes so far but there are still a few things we are able
to discuss with the remake. The first thing I noticed was how in the new version, Rio and Tokyo
are not together, but maybe a romantic relationship will develop between them later on. In the
original version, I noticed that even from the beginning of the episode, Rio was who she loved
the most until it was revealed by the end of the show that she was in a relationship with another
man before ever knowing Rio and that she loved him even more than Rio but her relationship
with her ex ended due to his death.

The second biggest thing I noticed in the Korean version was that Tokyo is shown to have a
better relationship with the professor. She shows more respect to him in the new version.
A few things the remake kept from the original version was that Tokyo, the lead character
narrates the story, the professor leading the heist, and the storyline between Denver and a

Between the original and the remake, I like the remake better because I thought the acting was a
lot better and the scenes were more intense which is something that I prefer while watching tv
shows and movies. Both versions are great in their own way so I definitely recommend
watching both the original and the remake of the show.

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Chey C

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Chey is in her junior year at Akron studying History along with having a minor in English. Activities she enjoys doing is traveling, shopping and hanging out with friends.