9 of Our Favorite Signs from the 2019 Women's March

The 2019 Women’s March took place this past Saturday, marking the third march since 2017’s record-breaking protest.

In addition to the central event that took place in Washington, D.C., other marches took place both across the country and internationally. Activists young and old, and of varying races, abilities, and identities took to the streets as a united front to fight for women’s rights and object to the subjugation of women everywhere.

Countless numbers of creative signs were displayed by protestors throughout the march, and below are just a few of our favorites. The momentum of the Women’s March has not eased, and for that reason we look to supporters of equality everywhere to sustain us moving forward. Enjoy the slogans below, and maybe even use them for inspiration to join a future march with a sign of your own!


1. “Ditto From Last Year”


2. “We Will Not Go Back”


3. “I’m Not Ovary-Acting”


4. “Vote for Women”


5. “GRL PWR”


6. “Unite and Fight Together”


7. “Our House”


8. “A Woman’s Favorite Position is C.E.O.”


9. “Patriarchy? Thank U, Next”