7 Fall Fashion Tips from Stranger Things

From science fiction thrills, horror flick monsters, buddy cop laughs, and gooey rom-com cheesiness, Stranger Things has it all. On top of all that, this 80s nostalgia-fest has some great fashion looks, especially for fall with two seasons set in the colder weather. Billy Hargrove, Nancy Wheeler, and Eleven are all fashion icons from the show, but the full ensemble provides plenty of fall fashion inspiration altogether.

  1. 1. Layer, layer, and layer some more

    The Stranger Things gang might know their away around some impressive weaponry, but they also know how to stay warm all those days and nights tromping around the woods in Hawkins, Indiana. While you’re hopefully not chasing interdimensional beings, you still need to stay warm while party-hopping. Consider pairing a t-shirt, flannel and a cool leather or jean jacket. 

  2. 2. One kick-ass jacket

    Speaking of cool jackets, Billy’s jean jacket and Nancy’s red jacket are definitely one of the first things I think about when I picture their characters. These jackets are iconic as hell and let us know that they’re to get down to business. Everyone needs one iconic jacket in their wardrobe.

  3. 3. 80s jeans

    Denim on denim on denim. The 80s definitely loved this combination, and they loved a stand-out pair of blue jeans. Forget skinny and ripped, you’re going for durable and warm. Think high waisted and mom jeans. Thrift stores are awesome places to find really fun jeans that are outside the box like the ones pictured above. 

  4. 4. Flannels

    Flannels. That’s it. They come in every color and shade and fabric thickness for all of your flannel layering needs. Pro-tip: Hit the thrift store men’s section for some great options.

  5. 5. Sweaters

    Finally, it’s sweater weather. The queen of a great sweater and shooting down demogorgons, Nancy shows you can be a bad-ass in cozy pastels. While sweaters often end up being maroon, dark green and mustard yellow as the colors of fall, don’t be afraid to mix it up with a soft sweater in baby blue, light pink or cream.

  6. 6. Vintage tee

    Besides rocking some great hair, Dustin never fails to wear a vintage t-shirt emblazoned with a fun, attention-grabbing graphic. These pair perfectly with a button down, flannel or a jacket. Plus, they’re great conversation pieces.

  7. 7. Bright Patterns

    Season 3 of Stranger Things was the only one to be featured in warm weather, and boy did it not disappoint. I was living for Mrs. Wheeler’s swimsuit and Eleven and Max gallivanting around the mall to the quintessential 80s bop, “Material Girl”. While it was clear that Eleven’s bright geometric patterns were cute as can be, you may be wondering where these bright patterns may fit into autumn wear. Some patterns can be matched with other patterns but if that does not fit your style or your comfort zone, throwing on a neutral jacket or cardigan may help tone down this bright look.