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6 Things to Do After the Semester Ends

Finals week, we made it!! Whether that’s a good or bad thing, either way you deserve to celebrate surviving the semester! I know this semester has been super demanding and mentally taxing for so many of us, so the thought of not dealing with anything school related for a month sounds unreal. If you can, take some time to relax and recover before spring comes! I know I’ve been dreaming of winter break since about week 3, so here are some ideas I’ve come up with to enjoy the break. 

  1. Take time with your family and do things you don’t get to do often because of your busy schedule. 
  2. Connect with friends who are also home from college, whether you can in person or you do it virtually.  
  3. Do a movie marathon! If you’re a marvel fan like me, you might want to binge all of the things that have come out while you haven’t had time to watch any of them and get caught up on the newest installments to the universe! 
  4. Work! I know it doesn’t sound appealing, especially after how taxing this semester has been, but at least you’ll be getting some money and who doesn’t like that!
  5. Explore a hobby! I know I personally want to look into a couple different hobbies or new games to play over break, so take time to finally do whatever you’ve been thinking about now that you have some time to actually do it. 
  6. Lastly and probably most importantly, REST. You deserve it! Even if things didn’t go super well this semester, it’s okay! Many of us struggled and many of us thrived, the only thing that matters now is that you have time to recover and give yourselves a well deserved mental break. Stay safe out there and enjoy some time off!
My name is Emilee and I'm a junior Environmental Science major. I love learning about nature and geology.
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