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5 Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month

Ladies, it is finally our month, and we are going to celebrate it like the girl bosses we all are! Take this month to really introspect on what it means to be a girl boss and take some of these steps to really celebrate our history because, honestly, we rock.

  1. 1. Girl Power Playlist

    Woman with headphones listening to music

    Make a Girl Power Playlist on whatever music streaming app you have! Use it when you go to the gym, walk to class, drive to work, in the shower, or wherever your heart desires. Jam out to some legendary women like Lizzo, Beyonce, and Rihanna.

  2. 2. Spread the Love

    Hallmark Card

    Write a thank you note to a woman who inspires you, whether it be your mom, grandmother, professor, or someone famous! Write the letter, the email, the post, whatever you want in order to honor that kick ass lady.

  3. 3. Read Up

    Girl Reading A Book In Bed

    Read inspiring biographies, memoirs, or fiction written by women. Try to honor these women who use their voice as a call to action! Austen, Dickinson, the Bronte Sisters, Wheatly, and many more!

  4. 4. Movie Marathon

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    Watch movies and TV shows with strong female leads or heroines! This is a good way to get inspired and to relax with some popcorn and wine.

  5. 5. Show Some Self-Love

    People holding up wine glasses

    Lastly, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. You may not be a superstar or a successful business woman (yet), but you can still take this month to appreciate all of the things you have accomplished! Get a face mask, get some wine, and some of your best friends and take a break!

Don’t forget to remember all of the women who came before you and paved the way as well as all the women who will come after you. They are looking to you for the future. Stand up, use your voice, and be the woman your 10 year old self looked up to!