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5 Valuable Lessons I Learned from “Legally Blonde”

Don’t judge a book by its cover

I hate to sound so “cliché” but the obvious message here is “don’t judge a book by its cover.” We see Elle Woods portrayed as the stereotypical blonde, Beverly Hills, rich girl. Her priorities often only accounted for herself. Then we see Elle Woods present a shift after a breakup that ultimately forces her to see reality and want to have value in the world outside of material items. This sends a powerful message that where you start is not where you end.

Believe in yourself

Another great lesson this film exposes to its viewers is that you have to have a strong faith in yourself even when others don’t. When the Elle Woods decides to change her life, she does not have much support from her friends and family. Sometimes people won’t allow themselves to see past their idea of you. And while this might be upsetting, you must follow your heart and allow yourself to grow—just like Elle. 

Present your inner change

Thirdly, inner change must be reflected on the outside. When the Elle Woods first decides she wants to practice law, she understands that she has to change her look in order to be taken seriously. She could no longer walk around in bikini tops, so she opts for designer suits and high heels with a red lipstick, of course. While some may consider this an act of conformity, or trying to fit in,  the reality is that there is a structure you have to comply with in order to get your foot in the door and create the change you wish to see. 

Patience is key

Another valuable lesson I learned from the film is how to be patient with yourself and not place such harsh expectations on yourself. Elle Woods enjoyed her life and was adjusted to a certain way of living, but due to setbacks, she realizes that she had to do more. Elle found her destiny and you will to. Having faith that you will get there in spite of uncertainty will lead you into the life that was created for you.

Be charitible

Help your friends along the way and teach them the lessons you have learned. Throughout the film Elle remove herself from situations that no longer serve the “new” her. We also watched Elle Woods help her friends get through hard times and breakups by encouraging them to see a better future, just like she did. Elle Woods taught her friends how to gain new confidence and go into the world fearless. In the end, I believe she was more successful because of all the good she gave back. 

If Legally Blonde should teach you anything, it’s to have faith, be ready, stay optimistic and remember that opportunity is yours to take. As Elle Woods would say, always keep your head held high. 

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