5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes that Won't Break the Bank

When we’re talking last minute costumes, I am talking the final second costumes. The “I was gonna stay in bed and eat candy and rewatch Stranger Things but my roommate convinced me to go to this ___ (fill in the blank: frat, house, apartment, bar) party,” and I never bought a costume because I am ___ (fill in the blank: broke, too busy, too tired, ready for Christmas).” Not to be too specific. This list has no crazy makeup looks or complicated DIY; just simple things that you can get at a nearby store and are probably already in your closet (or someone else’s).  So here it is: a list of what to wear when you have to go out (or alternatively, lazy costumes you may use to convince your roommate to go to a party when she won’t go out of bed). 

  1. 1. Frat Boy

    Yes, fraternity men and brothers do a lot of amazing community service work (and throw some awesome parties), but poking fun at the frat boy stereotype in all of its button down shirt, pink shorts, sperry-wearing and red-solo cup holding glory is a good time. Plus this costume is guaranteed a few laughs, simple to put together and can be as conservative as you like for everyone who prefers to keep it modest on Halloween. All you need is a button down shirt, shorts, a backwards hat and a red solo cup.

  2. 2. Sandy

    Bring out the leather, heels and red lipstick! This is all you need for this iconic look. I’m pretty sure we all gasped the first time Olivia Newton John stepped out on screen dressed to kill in those tight black pants and heels. The best part of this costume is the versatility. Black jeans, leather pants and leggings all work and so does any kind of black top. You really just need to wear all black and rock a bright red lip to have everyone singing, “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee.”

  3. 3. Bachelorette

    So simple. So simple. Literally any fancy dress and a thing of roses. The roses might take a little bit more planning, but a quick run to the store for liquor and flowers will solve this problem. Some gas stations even sell flowers! Plus you can give them out to attractive “bachelors” and “bachelorettes” all night long.

  4. 4. Rosie the Riveter

    Another simple and effective costume made of clothes you probably already own. Throw on one of your favorite girl power shirts or just a plain white t-shirt, a jean jacket, jeans or leggings and red bandana and you’re ready to go. Pop on a red lip and killer cat eye for added oomph, but wearing the red bandana and flexing the bicep everywhere you go is all you need.

  5. 5. Sexy Teacher/Librarian

    Go forth and be a stereotype. While there is certainly an issue with perpetualization of inappropriately sexualized outfits for women on Halloween (and the rest of the year), there is something to be said for embracing that sexuality if that’s something you are comfortable with. So if you’d like, break out the heels, a skirt, a button down shirt, a pair of glasses and your tie (or one of your friend’s) and rock that look with pride. Plus this outfit can still be kept somewhat modest with a longer skirt and a more formal button up. It’s Halloween, after all, basically anything goes!