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Halloween can be a bit of a stressful time when looking for costumes. Many of us try coordinating with friends or significant others, but what about your pet? I’ve come up with what I think are the best matching costumes that you could ever think of.

Thor and Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer)

If you’ve got some beautiful long hair and a spare cape lying around from past years, all you need is a carboard box or something you could paint silver for your pet to wear. You could get creative and add a handle, but honestly, their tail could work just as well.


My friend came up with this one since my dog has a chicken costume. The person could be a filet and the pair would be ‘chick-fil-a’. Of course it could go both ways as well. Just pick up a cheap tan colored shirt and draw some grill lines on it and boom! You have a filet.

Ross and Marcel

Since everyone loves dressing up as Friends characters, you and your pet can hop on the hype train. Of course, if you had a real monkey, this would be amazing, but since you probably don’t you could use a toddler monkey costume. You could also put a name tag on your animal that says ‘Marcel’ and it would be just as good. Ross would be the easy part of the costume, as you can just channel the inner 90’s fashion we’ve all seemed to have developed lately. Don’t forget to sing ‘Coconut’.

Barista and a Puppuccino

All you, as the human, needs is an apron and a can of whipped cream if you want to take the easy way out. When someone asks what your costume is, you just give your pet some whipped cream. An even cuter option is to train them to sit still while you put a little dab of whipped cream on their nose.

Baby Simba and Rafiki

This was inspired by my soon to be sister-in-law and her dog. Just pop on some face paint to match a Mandrill monkey and get a lion’s mane hat to get the point across. Don’t worry about how big your dog is; the bigger and heavier, the more funny it will be to watch you try to remake the scene from the movie when Rafiki holds Simba up.

I am a junior Environmental Science and Anthropology double-major at The University of Akron. I love science, Starbucks, writing, and hanging out with my friends and my dogs. I also love music and am apart of The University of Akron’s marching band.
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