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Looking for some creative ways to share information? Throughout my classes this semester, I’ve gotten plugged into several free resources for visual or video projects. As someone that is not very tech-savvy, I found these 3 resources to be manageable for my amateur projects. If you want to take on a project for fun or need a new way to present information, these tools can be your go-to!


Piktochart was a resource recommended by my Principles of Social Media professor for an infographic project. This tool enables you to create infographics, flyers, reports, and more. You can create up to 5 projects without cost. I found it simple to modify their templates for personalizing the content. If you don’t want to work with the templates the site gives you, you can start with a blank, customizable canvas. 


 Canva is another interesting resource that I was introduced to through my Digital Storytelling class. I used this resource for a project where our objective was to convey a story through a series of pictures. Basically, I was able to create a comic strip with Canva. This site is rather extensive on all the tools and templates it provides. You can create anything from newsletters to logos! However, during my project, some pictures were limited using the free version of Canva. You could unlock more if you upgraded to CanvaPro for a cost. Nevertheless, depending on the nature of your project, the free version of Canva can still be an amazing resource for quality creations. 

InShot App

InShot is another free resource to use for projects. In my Principles of Social Media class, this free app was brought to my attention in order to film a “How To” video. Editing, audio, and visual resources are all available within the app. Again, I’m fairly new to video making and editing, but this resource was made to be accessible to new creators. You can easily split up segments of the video to delete certain portions of unwanted material, add live stickers, and even music / voice overs. InShot has even become a resource for businesses because of its video creating style.

Overall, these resources will prove to be valuable assets for future projects. I encourage you to keep these resources in your back pocket for upcoming assignments and presentations! 

Emily is excited to be a part of the Akron chapter of Her Campus. She is majoring in English and minoring in Converged Media Studies. She is also working toward a Certificate in Professional Social Media. Emily enjoys drinking tea, decorating, and spending time with her family. Her favorite motto / quote to live by is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."
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