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20 Spooky Songs for Every Halloween Playlist

Every year without fail, as soon as the temperatures drop to 60 degrees and everyone who was complaining about the heat begins to complain about the chill, the same age-old debate is sparked: how soon is too soon for Christmas music? With Bing Crosby stans, die-hard Jingle Bell Rockers, and Santa Baby devotees claiming that Christmas music can begin as soon as November 1st rolls around, Grinches and Scrooges advocating for Black Friday or even later, and Walmart claiming September 1st for some unholy reason, we’re all doomed to listen to songs about bells, holly, and chestnuts before it’s even cold enough for snow. There is some middle territory for the humbugs and holiday music groupies: Halloween music. Guaranteed to liven up even the most Silent of Nights, Halloween music encompasses beloved classics, a wide range of musical genres, and soundtracks from movie and television designed to make your skin crawl. I have curated a list of 20 spooky and classic songs to get you in the true holiday spirit. 

Songs that Haunted the (Movie) House

  • “Time Warp” (1975) by Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast

  • “Ghostbusters” (1984) by Ray Parker Jr. 

  • “This is Halloween” (1993) by The Nightmare Before Christmas Cast

  • “Pet Sematary” (1989) by Ramones

  • “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” (1968) by Tiny Tim

  • “Halloween Theme – Main Title” (1978) by John Carpenter

Theme Songs that Would Awaken the Dead

  • “Main Theme: The Addams Family” (1965) by Vic Mizzy

  • “The X-Files” (1993) by Mark Snow

  • “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” (1969) by Larry Marks

As Classic as Candy Corn

  • “Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein or Dracula” (1959) by The Diamonds

  • “Monster Mash” (1962) by Bobby Pickett

  • “Werewolves of London” (1978) by Warren Zevon

  • “A Nightmare on My Street” (1988) by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

All the Spooky Vibes

  • “Black Magic Woman” (1968) by Fleetwood Mac

  • “Season of the Witch” (1966) by Donovan

  • “Evil Woman” (1975) by Electric Light Orchestra

  • “Heads Will Roll” (2009) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  • “The Killing Moon” (1984) by Echo & the Bunnymen

  • “Superstition” (1972) by Stevie Wonder

  • “Halloween” (1981) by Siouxsie and the Banshees

Emily Janikowski, otherwise known as Em, can be found usually lurking in the depths of the Polsky building as a writing tutor, and when she isn't there, she is curled up in bed binge watching Law & Order SVU. Her passion lies in changing the world, and she hopes to accomplish this through majoring in social work.
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