11 90s Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

Considering I was born in November of '99 I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a “90s kid.” Nevertheless, the returning 90s trends have inspired some pretty heavy online shopping on my part and walking around campus I can tell I’m not alone. From scrunchies to platform shoes, these are 10 trends from the 90s that are making a comeback.

  1. 1. Scrunchies

    A couple years ago wearing a scrunchie would have resulted in a pretty intense roast session from your friends. Now, people can’t get enough of them. These ties avoid dreaded hair-tie lines and many people even wear them around their wrist as an accessory.

  2. 2. Mini-Backpacks

    Despite their inability to fit textbooks, folders, or pretty much anything other than a phone and some chapstick, little backpacks have increasingly become the bag-of-choice for many fashionistas. From Adidas to Walmart, it isn’t hard to find one of these on the shelves. 

  3. 3. Mom Jeans

    The days of skintight being the only way to rock denim are over. Mom jeans are super cute paired with a belt. With the abundance available at thrift stores, you don’t need to break the bank to rock this 90s style. 

  4. 4. Fanny Packs

    Tacky tourists have long rocked the fanny pack. These are perfect for avoiding theft in crowds and having hands-free storage of all the things you need. Finally, function has turned to fashion as fanny packs are becoming a must have for your music festival outfit and even day-to-day convenience. 

  5. 5. Platforms

    Platform shoes are a perfect way to add some edge and height to any outfit. Doc Martens are great options, but if you don’t have $200 to throw around there are other options at Journey’s, DSW, or Famous Footwear that will let you rock this 90s trend on a budget.

  6. 6. Chokers

    Cloth, braided, beaded, tattoo, etc. With a variety to choose from, you can add one of these neck-tight necklaces to any outfit for some cute hipster vibes. But beware cheap drugstore chokers, they might fall apart within a few days!

  7. 7. Denim Overalls

    If you had told me a few years ago that people would be wearing overalls for something other than farming, I wouldn’t have bought it. Now, I bought some and love my them (despite having to strip down anytime I use the restroom)!

  8. 8. Circlular Glasses Frames

    Say goodbye to thick rims and say hello to Harry Potter chic. Circle glasses have made a comeback, quickly becoming the perfect accessory to pair with any of these 90s trends (also a good idea if you don’t have 20/20 vision).

  9. 9. Space Buns

    Music festivals seem to be a breeding ground for trends and this funky hairstyle is no exception. These buns will add that 90s edge you’re searching for--if you are lucky enough to be able to pull this off somewhere other than Coachella, that is.

  10. 10. Brown Lipstick

    Friends inspired a lot of trends in the 90s. Monica's signature brown lip had many girls flocking to MAC back when the show aired and now this brooding look has made it way back into popular culture.

  11. 11. Colorful Hair Clips

    Thanks to stars Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, colorful clips are back in style. With the “buy 3 get 3 free” deal that's almost always going on at Claire’s, you can have these cute little clips for every outfit.