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What a wild year it has been! None of us have had a year quite like the past with this turn around the sun. With such a heavy year, perhaps now more than ever, it is important to take time to have some fun and find good spirits. If you are wondering if there are any ways to possibly get into the holiday spirit this year, get ready for 10 activities to get cheery; whether you are celebrating alone, with members of your immediate household or over Zoom/Facetime, we’ve got some options for you!

Baking Cookies

For many people, baking serves as a quick stress reliever. I know it definitely did for me growing up! This is a great activity, as it is so versatile- you can bake by yourself or you can bake with the members of your immediate household. All you need is some ingredients and some pans.

The different categories of cookies and baked goods is also fun to explore. Are you looking for something with a certain sweetness? Snickerdoodles or sugar cookies may be for you. Do you want something fruity? Try jam thumbprints! Want something easy and classic? Chocolate chip is for you! Looking for a particular challenge? Go with gingerbread! The opportunities are endless.

Decorating cookies is also a super fun and relaxing activity. Let your creativity flow with some gels or dyes to top off your frosted cookies; release your inner creative, as you paint an edible canvas!

Watch Holiday Movies

Another relaxing activity is putting on some holiday movies with some hot cocoa, popcorn and of course, cozy blankets! You can make your own popcorn with your preferred butter or cheese ratio or buy some individually wrapped packs.

A lot of people like to destress while watching TV and what better way to get in the holiday spirit than watching some holiday movies?! Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ have some great options for this!

Decorate a Christmas Tree

Wanting a Christmas tree, but on a strict budget? Never fear, you can find mini fake evergreens for $10 and less at Target, Party City, and more stores!

Once you have your tree, the decorating opportunities abound! You can buy some super affordable  ornaments at Target or make your own if you’re looking for a project! Get inspiration on making homemade garlands here or try out some diy ornaments here.

Visit a Tree Farm

Wanting to get festive with the above idea, but prefer the look or smell of fresh pine trees? Head to a tree farm to select your perfect evergreen! This is a nice outing to do to get a breath of fresh air and to be surrounded by greenery. Don’t forget your mask!

Send a Card to Your Loved Ones

A lot of people have not been able to see some loved ones this year. If this is the case for you, break out the cards or buy a $3 pack of cardstock from Michaels and write some notes telling those special someones how much you love and miss them. If you want to take an extra step, give them a call! Catch them up with your life and catch up with theirs, community is so important!

Make Homeade Gifts

Wanting a little extra something for those special people? Make some homemade gifts for them! Candles, soaps, ornaments, hot cocoa or tea mixes, etc., there’s so many helpful homemade gifts to choose from! Get some extra ideas here. Whenever that person uses or views your gift, they can think about the time and effort you put in or even just how much you care. These are great gifts to receive! 

Decorate Your Home

There are so many options for decorating your home past a tree. Have excess wrapping paper? Wrap a table or desk, instead of using a table cloth! Table still looking a little bland? Put together or buy a cost effective, holiday centerpiece! Try your hand at making some cute wreaths with this list. Dollar Tree also has the tools to make wreaths for a cheap price.

However you choose to decorate, let your creativity shine and get in touch with your personal influences.

Have a Photoshoot

Many people feel a positive shift in spirits simply by getting up, getting dressed and looking good. Sometimes this can actually be the first step to feeling good. While you may wish for a different time of life right now, you may look back and wish you had documented some of this portion of life as well. Getting dressed up and taking photos is a great way to shift your mood for the moment and leaves you with some cute pictures!

Appreciate Neighborhood Lights

If you’re like me, you love a good light show! There’s a ton of them around during the holidays and what makes it perfect for this year is how you can view them safely! Driving around will give you the stimulus of leaving your house if you’re feeling antsy, but it will also be a safe activity as you’ll be in your car!

Video Chat for Group Activities

Last but not least, Zoom and Facetime has definitely been a favorite option for many people to stay in touch with those they are not currently able to visit with. If this is your preferred route, but your running options, we’ve got you covered!

Try having an ugly Christmas sweater contest over Zoom or roleplay how your favorite TV show characters would celebrate the holiday in these circumstances. Get ready for laughs and memories with these games and take some screenshots when everyone is ready to have some photographs from the year when holiday fun looked a little different!

Whichever activities you decide to partake in, we hope you are staying safe, happy, and healthy this holiday season! Let us know which activities from the list you will be adopting or what ideas you came up with for this year on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Anna Harrison is an Integrated Marketing Communications and Sales Management major at the University of Akron. She is multi-cultural and is passionate about racial disparities. Harrison has a great love for writing. For hobbies, she enjoys reading and abstract painting.
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