You Know You Go To a Small College When...

1. You’re running to the library to print off your paper five minutes before class and half your classmates are there doing the same thing.

2. If you need extra sleep, you set your alarm to 15 minutes before class and get there early.

3. You know most of the professors even if they’re not in your field.

4. Attendance is EXTREMELY important. If that rule wasn’t enforced, you’d have classes of 5 different students every week.

5. It’s difficult to get into the class you want because there is one time slot for it and it conflicts with your schedule.

6. You’re either tired of the bubble and want to leave, or you’re tired of the real world and want the bubble.

7. You know if someone’s a student or not even if you don’t actually know who they are.

8. There’s that one person you see EVERYWHERE that you’ve never spoken to before.

9. The drama. You know at least some of it, don’t lie.

10. Campus spirit is a big deal. And even if you don’t participate in the events, that school pride digs deep.

11. You know everyone in your major because they’re in all your classes.

12. You have a close relationship with at least one member of the faculty/staff.

13. Everyone knows the President and the President knows you. Even if they don’t remember your name, trust me, they know you.

14. Everyone knows when someone is studying abroad. Their absence is very noticeable.

15. You still complain even though it literally takes 5 minutes to walk to the other side of campus.

16. Every building has a ghost story attached to it.


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