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Summer Girl Hawaii Yoga Hiking Exercise View
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Working On Yourself Part 2 – Your Health Is More Important

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

There is always something more important, something that needs to get done. Often times people will ignore what is going on with their body, ignoring the status of their health. Many college students struggle with a lump sum of mental illnesses that often goes unchecked because of their need to work harder in school. 

This article is for those who are able to understand and are willing to make moves in securing their health. If that is you then keep reading because next, I will share a few tips on how to make sure every aspect of your being (spiritual, mental, physical) is receiving the proper care. 


You’ve heard it before, exercising increases your happy hormones, endorphins. This gives you extra motivation to get things done. Personally, after a workout, I feel more motivated to indulge in the activities I enjoy; like, reading, writing, and drawing. Working out gives me that extra push I am always searching for. I will admit that getting out to exercise by yourself can be a bit intimidating, so I recommend taking someone with you. They don’t have to be your coach, just having someone in the building that you know and feel comfortable with makes the experience even more welcoming.

An exercise buddy is an essential first step to those of you who are shy or unmotivated to get in the gym. I only go to the gym with people that I speak with on a normal basis or that I have established a good relationship with, like my little brother. Going with someone I just met in class would feel awkward and my mind would not be at ease because the comfort of a well-known friend is not there.

Exercising also teaches you self-discipline. The ability and willingness to do anything you are not required is my definition of self-discipline. Your physical health plays a huge role in your mental health and they correlate in the long run.

Go To Your Doctors Appointments

You have an appointment this Friday but your boss wants you to work the first shift on the same day. What will you do? Reschedule or show up? Workaholics, you need to stop putting work before your health. You deserve better. You will only get back what you put out. Unhealthy habits lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Let’s be honest, you’ve been putting this appointment off for weeks now and the doctor’s office has stopped calling at this point. Your health is more important. Your job will be there when you come back. You will get some sleep. If you don’t take care of your health then you will be forced to.

Recharge Your Body

Again, you’ve heard it before. Water is your best friend. You are 75% water so do yourself a favor and replenish the supply. Drinking water improves your skin, hair growth, and performance during a workout. Stocking up on water before a workout gives you more energy so you won’t burn out as quickly. 

Though another important thing is the food you consume on a normal basis as well as what you put into your body before a workout. Before your workout, avoid dairy, starchy foods, and unhealthy snacks. Steer towards non-citrus fruits, like bananas, beans, and natural juices (em dash) cranberry, grapefruit, and apple. You want to fill up on foods that will stimulate your body, giving you an energy boost. A variety of nuts is helpful and filling as well. Be careful not to eat too much because this can ruin your exercise experience. 

As for your normal eating habits, it is important to control them. I love vegetables fried eggs rolls from the China Cafeteria, they are very delicious. Another one of my biggest guilty pleasures is Hot Fries. Also, I love every form of potato. Baked potatoes mashed potatoes, fries, hash browns, tater tots, did I mention fries? 

I had to be honest with myself because those habits were going to lead me to the hospital with high cholesterol. I realized I had to make some changes so I began to eat more fruits, cut out soda besides the occasional Sprite, sweet tea, and Snapple. I reduced the amount of dairy and beef in my diet. These changes made me feel more comfortable with my decisions and the way I am now eating. Although this is what works for me, different things work for different people. 

Go To Therapy

Therapy is not just for “crazy people”. It is for people who need to get things off of their chest and need help with developing steps in moving forward, past their problems. I never thought I would be going to therapy until the start of 2019. After 2018, I knew that I needed to speak with someone, but I settled on a therapist. I never feel like I am talking too much because they are there to listen and guide. I go to a therapist to help me think things through. This includes an evaluation of my choices to make sure they will produce the desired results. Just speaking to someone who won’t spread your business to the world is a relief. I am blessed to have a school that offers these services as I would not have paid for it myself; therefore, I would have continued in a downward path. 

 I wanted my therapist to be Black and Christian. These attributes would allow me to feel more comfortable expressing myself. It is not overbearing to request someone you are comfortable with, in fact, it is essential. The therapist is there to fit your needs. My experiences with my therapist have been great and she hasn’t recommended me to take any medications, well besides Vitamin D. 

Read Your Spiritual Texts

Whatever you believe in gives you strength. This is the God, god, person, or statements that you run to when everything falls apart. The glue that puts your life together whenever you discover a new part of yourself. Your belief system is your foundation. Reading your spiritual text gives you a better chance of understanding what comforts you.  Your spiritual beliefs keep you rooted in peace and inner growth. This is an important part of your life as we all seek some truth in life. Something that answers all of our questions and many more we have not even thought of. Stay in tune with your spiritual being while always seeking the unknown truths you are exposed to. While reading your texts, always remember that no doubt lies in truth. 

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Kristen Bryant / Her Campus

How can you continue school when you are tired Spiritually, mentally, and physically? How can you work if a head cold is brewing up this winter? If you do not nurture your soul then you will eventually break down. A common analogy is to compare your body to a car. If your check engine light comes on, what will you do? Ignore it and hope it lasts longer which could lead to the loss of an asset or take the time and money to visit a mechanic? The answer is simple.

Laci is a Sophomore at Agnes Scott College in pursuit of a degree in Creative Writing and Music. She seeks to build upon her inquisitively, beautiful mind, while inspiring people throughout all aspects of life. In her spare time, she loves to speak with God, eat Snicker's and think about the zombie apocalypse. She is a forever learner.