Will It Ever Be Normal Again?

Ever since this pandemic hit, I have been doing some heavy reflection regarding what our global future might look after it’s over. On social media, I continue to scroll and see that people have been living their life as if everything is back to normal, but in reality, that’s truly not the case. Throughout this ongoing pandemic, I have seen some of the most selfish and irresponsible behavior from grown adults. All this rushed effort and this false sense of normalcy are truly setting people up for this sense of delusion, even though we still have so much work left to do.


 In terms of progress, we have been afforded the privilege of receiving several vaccines which is an amazing thing! However, there are still people who are irresponsibly inserting myths and conspiracy around something that is designed to keep you from being hospitalized from the possibility of getting Covid. This pandemic has made me realize that the unity aspect of humanity that is supposed to make us great is honestly a joke. For the last year and a half, I have done my fair share of following regulations and being patient.


I spent months in quarantine, and the only time that I have ever been out was to go to work. Not only that, but I have not seen my friends in person in a year. Now I continue to stay home and don’t go out if not warranted and I pre-registered to get my vaccine. It has been truly so hard to see that I have had to spend the first year of my adulthood isolated and glued to a computer.


And now it makes me doubtful about this concept of normalcy that entails my future. I already had a non-normal senior year and first year of college, so it just makes me wonder what other potential memories will be taken away from me due to people’s inability to act right during this ongoing pandemic. It is still not lost on me that there are people still dying and that a lot of people continue to act carelessly. I truly believe that this idea of normal might be a delusion and that maybe I am a sucker for thinking there still might be a chance.


As bleak as it sounds, it is a harsh reality that I had to come to terms with. I really hope that our society can prove me wrong because I am naturally a futuristic person. And being a pessimist about the future is something that is rarely a mindset that I enter into. Please continue to practice the covid regulations and get the vaccine if available, because those actions have the potential towards a normal future.