Why Plovdiv, Bulgaria Should be on Your Next European Destination Trip

Plovdiv, Bulgaria may not be on your radar for next travel destination, but it should be. I never even heard of Plovdiv before I went there for my 2019 Journeys trip to Bulgaria, and now I am grateful that I had the chance to visit such an amazing city. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, and it is considered one of the oldest cities in all of Europe. Plovdiv was also selected to host the title European Capital of Culture 2019, along with the Italian city of Matera. Despite being the second largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv is easy enough to navigate, especially in the art and shopping areas.

                                                                          (Photographed by Claudia Belfiore)


One thing you can’t miss in Plovdiv is the ancient architecture mixed in with the more modern city. The Ancient Theater of Philippopolis (the name that Plovdiv used to have) is one of the best preserved ancient theaters in the world. Even with this, you can still go into the theater, and they host events there commonly, everything from concerts and Zumba classes. You can also visit another ancient Roman relic of the past with the Plovdiv Roman Stadium. The entry point for this is located in one of the main outside shopping areas in Plovdiv, allowing those visiting to get a taste of what Plovdiv might have been like years ago while also seeing how much has changed.


                                                                          Ancient Theater of Philippopolis (Photographed by Claudia Belfiore)


                                                                          Plovdiv Roman Stadium (Photographed by Claudia Belfiore)


The old town of Plovdiv is also a must see. The architecture and art in this part of the city are reminiscent of the past and is a stark difference to what we get to see in the United States. There are plenty of small shops that sell antique items if that is your interest, you can visit the Regional Ethnographic Museum if you are interested in seeing items related to Bulgarian culture and society, or you can just walk around and appreciate the art and architecture of this part of the city. Beware though, this area has a lot of cobblestone walking, so come prepared.


                                                                          (Photographed by Claudia Belfiore)


                                                                          Regional Ethnographic Museum (Photographed by Claudia Belfiore)


Another great place to see is the Kapana Creative District. This is an area that hosts many murals, shops, and restaurants. This is a great area to sit and enjoy a refreshment, walk around to see what interesting art pieces you can find, or do a little shopping. Plovdiv has much to offer and if you are thinking of traveling to Europe anytime soon make sure to add Plovdiv to your itinerary.