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Why the Agnnespalooza Spring Festival Was Needed

Since going virtual, it’s definitely safe to say that Agnes Scott’s campus community’s social dynamic has changed a lot. After talking to other students– commuters and campus residents– I  realized that many of them share the same feelings. I’ve heard that they don’t feel as connected to everyone, they feel drained from the virtual class sessions, and that they miss the in-person events and traditions that Agnes held annually. The most shocking thing that I heard from students was that they hardly greet each other on campus anymore, even if they knew each other. After hearing this I began to wonder if it would be difficult for Agnes to rebuild the social community that we had pre- remote learning.


This past Friday, Agnes Scott college’s annual Agnespalooza Spring Festival occurred and my friends and I planned on going to reunite the Royalettes for the first time in over a year and to meet our new members for the first time. At first glance at the school when I first arrived, it didn’t look too festive. There were only a few people walking around the main quad and it almost looked like the school was winding down for the evening. But as soon as my friend and I started hearing some bass from speakers, our immediate thought was, “is that DJ Swanky?” The DJ our school often books for events. 


Now the science quad gave off a completely different energy. There were food trucks, students playing badminton and Frisby, flower crown stations, a caricature artist, food trucks, and– of course– DJ  Swanky. Everyone was taking part in the activities and, while it was a little awkward for some, including myself, we were talking, laughing, and dancing together. The look on the faces of our administrators was one of the most memorable moments for me. Dean Tedesco, our team’s advisor, screamed when she saw us and Jenifer and CC were still as bubbly as they were when I last saw them. 


I forgot how supportive a lot of the students were and how much they hyped everyone up, whether they know them or not, and I suspect that they forgot too. I have to applaud Probo because this organization has played a key role in the memorable moments at Agnes Scott for me and many other students. In one event alone, they revived the special connection I felt with other students and gave me the opportunity to spend time with my friends at a school function and reminisce on the previous ones. As I write this with 49 days until I graduate, I’m more confident that I will always have a home at Agnes.


Lourrain Simon

Agnes Scott '21

Lourrain Simon is a senior at Agnes Scott College majoring in English Creative Writing and minoring in French. Aside from writing short stories, her favorite things to write about are movie reviews and articles sharing her opinions about political and pop culture news. Her other hobbies include dancing and doing makeup art.
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