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Since 2015, a Star Wars film, or related film, has graced theatres every December. For some horrible reason, Disney decided to release Solo: A Star Wars Story in May.  As December gets closer I have become sad that I will not see my favorite, BB-8 in theatres. To cheer up, I’ve made a list of ships in the new Star Wars trilogy.


1. Reylo (Kylo Ren and Rey)

Reylo would be a disaster. A lot of fans think that Rey will bring him back to the light side. No. He killed his father, mentally abused Rey with the Force and has no self-control. Since half the Last Jedi movie was of Rey and Kylo together, fans think that they are cute together. All I see from this relationship is Kylo manipulating Rey for her power.

2. Stormpilot (Poe and Finn)

Poe and Finn would be adorable if it had a chance of working out. I have nothing against this ship except that there is no possible way.  First, Poe and Finn never spend a lot of time together in the two films. We have them escaping the First Order and going to Jakku at the beginning of the Force Awakens. And again at the beginning of The Last Jedi. I see no chemistry between these two.

3. Damerey (Poe and Rey)

This ship would be so cute, but there’s one problem: Rey and Poe first met at the end of The Last Jedi. I find this one unlikely, not impossible. It would be cute because BB-8 is Poe’s droid and Rey took care of BB-8 when he was lost on Jakku. I think this ship would make BB-8 very happy.

4. Finnrey ( Rey and Finn)

This is the best ship. Rey and Finn’s love is perfect. My favorite part is towards the end of the Force Awakens when Finn lies that he knows how to destroy the Death Star 2.0 so he can go get Rey. Then she finds out that he came back for her, and they hug. Then at the end of the film, as Finn is unconscious, Rey kisses him on the cheek. I really hope that Finnrey is canon. I felt like The Last Jedi completely forgot about even their friendship which made me mad.

5. The other Choice

Rey could not be with anyone. This would be a refreshing take. No one would see it coming. Maybe Rey and BB-8 would just hang out somewhere flying around the galaxy.

Whatever ship happens I know the writer is picking the one that is a true (to their point of view) story, unless its Reylo. That’s a horrible ship.

Kennedy Thedford

Agnes Scott '21

Kennedy is a Sophomore planning on double majoring in Spanish and Religion & Social Justice. She loves reading, writing and BB-8 from Star Wars.