Try Wax Melters to Make Your Dorm Smell Amazing

Does you dorm have a musty smell? Are you missing all the your candles from home? Or are you just a scent obsessed person, like myself? Then I have the product for you… wax melters.

Before I came to college I had never heard of this magnificent product. But once I arrived, I realized my little plug air freshener was doing little for both my room’s ambiance and smell. That when I heard a friend talk about their wax melter. They said it had the smell of the most powerful candle, but no flame and the scent lasted for hours.

I quickly went on Amazon and found hundreds. There is a wax melter for everyone's taste and a scent to match. Still, I didn’t pull the trigger just yet, I thought it sounded too good to be true. Finally, when I was at Bed Bath and Beyond with a friend and heard their testimony of how good wax melters are, I decided to purchase one.

I would recommend buying one from Bed Bath and Beyond. They have a College Savings pass, which gives you 20% off every purchase you make with them. In addition, some of their wax pieces, which you melt in the melter, are on sale for 89 cents. I was able to get my wax melter with 4 scents for about $20. If you want an even cheaper option, you can get a wall plug-in wax melt, and pay around $16. There’s also the possibility of ordering via Amazon if you don’t want to leave the comfort of campus. I saw many beautiful designs there.      

For usage, I would say about one cube of wax lasts about 2 weeks, before it loses its scent. I keep mine on for about an hour to an hour and a half at a time, and the scent lasts for 3 to 4 hours. I placed a coaster underneath mine because i was afraid it would get too hot and burn my furniture; but I don’t think this is necessary. I once left my wax melter on for 5 hours and it was only warm when I touched it, nowhere close to being hot enough to burn furniture. When you are reading to change scents turn on the melter until the wax is melter. Then pour the wax into a container, like a disposable cup and wash the wax dish of all residue. Then you are ready for a new wax cube.   

   I love my wax melter. I think it adds so much to my dorm room. I love coming back to my room after a long and hard day, turning on my wax melter and enjoying the scent that fills my room. As someone who is on a limited budget, this gets my stamp of approval. It's worth it!