The Top Shows Coming to Netflix in February

  • Russian Doll (February 1st)

This show has already been released. I have only watched the trailer, but it looks trippy as hell. It is being described as the darker version of Groundhog Day. A woman, Nadia, gets stuck in a time loop, where she wakes on the same day, goes to a party, dies, and mysterious wakes up that very same day totally unharmed. This shows was co-created by Amy Poehler and stars Natasha Lyonne. There are 8 episodes that run around 24-30 minutes long, the perfect amount for a mid-semester binge.     

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  • One Day at a Time: Season 3 (February 8th)

This sweet family comedy has come back for a third season. The show follows Penelope Alvarez and her family, daughter Elena, son Alex, and mother Lydia. While being a comedy the show focuses on issues faced by the Hispanic community. There are also episodes that deal with depression, anxiety, sexuality, gender identity, sexism, and religion. There will be 13 episodes that will range from 26-30 minutes long. I will probably be watching between break in my schedule, when there isn’t enough time to work on something but too much time for me to go my next class.


  • Umbrella Academy (February 15th)

Umbrella Academy is based on a comic written by Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. The story begins with the birth of 43 children, all born of the same day by women who previously showed no signs of pregnancy. Seven of these children are adopted by a billionaire, who trains them to save the world. It stars Ellen Page and Kate Walsh. There will be around 10 episodes. I am very excited about this one, it sorta reminds me of Sense8 which I adored.

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I am very excited to see what these shows have to offer. I always find myself in a little bit of a rut with shows, so new ones are always welcomed. Also as the semester continues on these shows might be a nice escape from the busy college life. Be careful not to binge too much (not that this advice has ever helped me) and enjoy.