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Three Food Trends of 2018 to Keep Up With This Summer

The summer is here. We’re all finally out of the trap of eating food from the caf’ and now we can have more freedom to eat as we please. If you’re looking for some new things to try or just want to know more information about some highly talked about food items, take a look at these three trendy food items of 2018.

  1. Alternative Sweeteners As diabetes and high blood pressure continue to rise people are looking for other ways to sweeten their food. Some common alternative sweeteners include agave and stevia. Agave is a syrup from agave sap. It is yellow in color with a honey-like consistency. It’s mostly used in drinks, and if you want to use it with solid food, you have to follow the conversion techniques which is typically found at the back of the bottle. Stevia also comes from a plant, has zero calories, and is about 200 times sweeter than sugar. In stores, it is white and grainy just like sugar but green if you get it straight from the plant. Unlike sugar, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste. You can use it just like how you would use sugar in your everyday meals and sweet desserts.

(Photo by Otto Norin on Unsplash)

  1. Floral Flavors One of the best places in Atlanta to try out this food trend is Mozart’s Bakery off of Buford Highway. Like many other companies, the food items in which you find floral flavors are mostly found in beverages. Herbs, spices, flowers and other plant-based ingredients are used. I ordered an iced lavender mocha that literally tastes like an edible lavender chocolate bath bomb. It was definitely a taste to get used to, but I would no doubt try it again.

(Photo via Dynomutt X. on Yelp)

  1. Root to Stem eating This is basically self-exclamatory. This is a trend where people finding ways to eat the entire food item, like an entire watermelon, skin and all. The basis of doing this is to basically stop wasting food and money. Why spend $6 on something and only use 75% of it? There are a lot of blogs that have suggestions for foods to eat and there are even some restaurants that cater to this specific problem.

(Photo by chiara conti on Unsplash) Do any of these sound like something you would try? If so, go for it! Tweet pictures or opinions to me, @mearesea or the chapter account @hcagnesscott. And special thanks to my sister, who is a food and nutrition major, for helping me compile this list!

MeaResea is an alumna of Agnes Scott College where she majored in Economics and minored in Spanish. She recharted the HCASC chapter in the fall semester of 2016. She served as the Editor-in-Chief and President of Her Campus at Agnes Scott. Her favorite quote and words that she lives by are, "She believed she could, so she did." -Unknown http://meareseahomer.agnesscott.org/
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