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Some Quick Earth Day Tips to Make Life a Little More Earth-Friendly

Earth Day is a worldwide annual event celebrated on April 22nd, where across the globe people practice environmental protection. First celebrated in1970, Earth Day was originally proposed to be celebrated on March 21st, the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. The original idea behind Earth Day, proposed by John McConnell, was to celebrate Earth and the concept of peace. A month after McConnell’s proposal, a U.S. Senator founded Earth Day on April 22nd and utilized it as an environmental teach-in, which is similar to a seminar or general education forum that does not have a time limit. This date was originally chosen to increase college students’ participation since it did not fall during exams or spring break. This also did not conflict with holidays like Easter or Passover and was late enough in Spring for decent weather.

Originally, Earth Day was something that only occurred once every 10 years. Nelson and Bruce Anderson formed Earth Day USA in 1990, which then made Earth Day an annual event, and also launched EarthDay.org in 1995. With the development of the internet, Earth Day 2000 was able to reach over 5,000 environmental groups around the world who then reached out to hundreds of millions of people in 184 countries.


Earth Day flag, John McConnell


Here are some simple things you can do on Earth day (and every day) to help our planet:

  • Turning off lights when you leave a room

  • Unplugging electronics from outlets when they aren’t in use

  • Turning off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth

  • Walk, ride a bike, or take public transit whenever possible

  • Recycle!

  • Pay your bills online to use less paper

  • Use a refillable water bottle

  • Washing dishes in a full dishwasher rather than by hand to save water

  • Avoiding the use of paper napkins or paper towels

  • Going meatless once a week (it can save 2,500 gallons of water!)

  • Using cruise control in your car can save 15% on your gas mileage!

  • Buying things second hand or buying locally

  • Use a watering can instead of a hose in your garden

  • Recycle your old cell phones and wire hangers

  • Regularly maintain your vehicle

  • Reduce your junk mail

  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store

  • Use e-tickets instead of paper ones

  • Use rechargeable batteries

  • Share your planet-saving knowledge!

Hi! I am a student at Agnes Scott College and I'm from the Atlanta area! As a child, I used to always make up stories and write them or verbally share them. I've been told I've always had an active imagination and I love talking! After college, I want to travel the world and provide healthcare to those who do not have access to it or can't afford it. 
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