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Slowly Rising Excitement for Black Cat Among First-years

There are officially sixteen days until Black Cat, and the excitement is quickly rising! Students are rushing to prepare costumes and gathering items in their class colors while the Black Cat chairs are hard at work. However, the excitement is different for the first-years, since they don’t know for sure what they’re getting into.

Photo throwback courtesy of McCain Library Special Collections and Archives (date unknown)

Although their mascot still remains a mystery, the first-years are preparing themselves to fill the large shoes of the 2017 Yellow Lions. Costume Chair, Lydia Cash, believes that preparation is going well. Anticipation rises in the meetings each day as the chairs collaborate more and more.


However, the first-years themselves are filled with curiosity. When asking students about their opinion on Black Cat so far, many of them were filled with questions that can’t quite be answered until they experience it. The chairs of Black Cat recognize this.


When asked about how she felt the first-years were responding to the hype, First-year class president, Jasmine Paul, stated, “I think a lot of them are excited. A lot of them are asking me questions, just wanting to know everything that’s going to happen. The curiosity is big for us especially since we’re first-years and don’t know exactly what’s going to happen… I definitely want everyone to have a great first Black Cat experience because I want them to know how great of an Agnes tradition this is, so that they can enjoy is for the rest of their four years!”


Lydia echoed these sentiments saying, “I think there’s a good amount of excitement. A lot are very curious about the process. It’s easy to know about it on paper, but I know it can be different when you experience it.”


No matter what, Black Cat is coming, whether the first-years are ready or not.

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