Short Story: When Change Happens, The Battle Begins

Bee Mo’Adams and Bop Tu’Beats Jones are kind, well-mannered teenagers. They always stuck closer together because the outside world made them nervous. Loners who instantly flocked together during orientation. No one picked on them, well because no one really noticed them. They survived high school by leaning on each other and sticking together all four years. All of the school events missed their presence. While in their safe havens, cozy in their bedchambers, the city buzzed with excitement. This was their life for four years, but after graduation, something changed. 


Bee: “Hey, so I was wondering if you coming over tonight? Got that Star Quest game that came out last week.” 

Bop: “You already know it, Bee. Give me a second to get over there.” 

Bee loves reading, video games, and furry pets. Bop loves any type of music with a cool beat, inspirational quotes, and furry pets. Every time they hung out, laughs clouded the air like smog. Kindred spirits if you will. 

Bee opens the door excitedly. 

“Bop. Come on, let’s get playing. I been dying of anticipation.” 

“I’m sure you’ll live, plus you have so many books to keep you company.” 

“Imma need you to put some respect on Star Quest right now! Nothin’ can fill this space besides Star Quest. Understand?” 

Laughing, Bop replies, “If you say so Bee, but ” 

Once Bop arrived, the tone of the night was officially established as was always the case, but Bee felt something else in the atmosphere tonight. Was it negativity? Something strange and unfamiliar? Bee couldn’t tell so she brushed it off. 

They settle into Bee’s poster-plastered room, plopping down in front of tv for the millionth time. After finishing a few missions on Star Quest, they’ve tired themselves out and head to the kitchen.

“So whatcha wanna eat? We could order in. I mean we got—”

“Actually, I was thinking we could go down to the China Cafeteria.” 

“What, you mean actually walk there.” 


“And stay?”


“Ummm, well...I don’t know.”

“It would be something different and we wouldn’t have to stay long”  

Bee walks to her room and continues with playing Star Quest. 

Bop doesn’t let up, “Bee, we just graduated. Don’t you want to know what more is out there other than King High and your room.” 

“No, I’m good with our world. The Bee Bop world. I guess it just mines now.” 

“Bee don’t be like that. I—”

“Yeah, you just like everybody else out there. Pretending to be somebody you not. Wanting to be just like them. We were fine and now you want to change things up.”

“I want the both of us to evolve together. We’re both nervous about the world but we can get through it how we got through high school, together.

“I don’t wanna change and you shouldn’t either. Ain’t nothin out there for us.” 

“You don’t know what’s out there! That’s the whole point!”

“I don’t care.”

“You’ll never know because you just want to stay here Bee.” 

Bop sigh, “You know what? You’re the one that's like everybody else. Just letting your fear of the world hold you back. Never going outside your comfort zone. That’s you and I’m sick of it! I’m not going to let it hold me back.” 

“Well, then you go down there by yaself!” 


Bop leaves the apartment in the thick humidity of summer. He walks for a few blocks to clear his head and settles on a park bench. To distract himself, he scrolls through social media to find more inspirational quotes. This calms him down, giving him the energy to go talk with Bee again. He stops at the China Cafeteria and orders their favorite, fried rice, and beef broccoli for him along with fried rice and black pepper chicken for her. 

When he arrives at her doorstep, he knocks but no one answers. He knocks some more, but again no answer. Bop puts his ear to the door and can hear someone walking inside. 

He says, “Bee, I know you’re in there.” After a while, she opens the door but doesn’t meet his eyes. She says, “What? You forget something?” 

“Yeah, we’re both hungry. If you want your plate you’re gonna have to let me in.” 

She steps aside and they proceed to the kitchen. As they begin to eat, Bop says, “Hey. So...sorry for getting all in your face about going out. I didn’t mean to come off like that.” 

“Yeah. I’m sorry too.” 

“I still want to hang out in your room but I also want to get out sometimes. You're my best friend and I just want to do those things with you.”

“I know, but I don’t know if i’m up for it honestly.” 

“Ok. How about going to the park, it’s two blocks away and maybe we can build up to China Cafeteria?” 

“That’s something I can think ‘bout.” 

“Well well well, won’t you looky there...progress.”

They laugh and go about a normal life. 



Author’s Note: Change is inevitable. When you change you may experience other shifts you were not prepared for and things can seem rough. Like all of your cards are thrown up in the air. When you feel this way, step back, clear your mind, think about how you actually feel. And get back in the match. Take baby steps with those people who are shaken with your change. You have to understand three things. 

1. Not everyone you meet is meant to stay in your life. They show up for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. 

2. Sometimes they just need time. Don’t rush the process, meet them halfway.

3. Be understanding. You’ve just drastically changed a bit of their life because you, the old you, were part of it and now you’re different in their eyes. 

Patience. Resilience. Prayer.