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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

The morning was young, the dew had yet to disappear. As my eyes were coerced open, I couldn’t help but feel a great sense of loss. Like my life force was being sucked out of my soul. 

This is normal right? That ache in the middle of your chest when you’ve barely risen for the day. It has to be. 

As my body willed itself in an upright position, it almost felt as though I hadn’t moved at all. Like my presence was the fantasy in this weary dream-like reality. My feet hit the ground and I stood, slowly. This is the moment everything changed. The one thing that proved my existence. Everything felt heavy, head to toe. I embodied a zombie.

 I looked at my phone. The intense light blinded me. I rushed to adjust the light, then I saw the time. Oh geez, it was 6:56 am. I had to get to work quickly! Every attempt to speed up my pace failed so I sluggishly walked to the bathroom. 

Sleep still in my eyes, I looked into the mirror. I shouldn’t have drunk, I thought to myself. 

Toothpaste. Mouthwash. Wash face. Shower.

I was moving as fast as I could. The next thing you know, my boss is calling my phone. 

My mind started sending up anxiety alarms, screaming “ERROR, ALERT!” 

I pieced myself together and answered the phone. 

“Hey BOSS,” I said meekly  

“Hey are you almost here?” he asked. 

“Yep, I’ll be there soon,” I replied.  

“Ok, hurry.”


Now my body gained the urgency it needed to move quicker. I dashed to my room and dried myself off. 


Hurrying out of my dorm room, I began my ten-minute journey to work. I walked fast to work, fixing my uniform, making a lopsided bow-tie. Once I was there, everything seemed surreal. Yeah, this hangover is going to kick my ass today. 

Laci is a Sophomore at Agnes Scott College in pursuit of a degree in Creative Writing and Music. She seeks to build upon her inquisitively, beautiful mind, while inspiring people throughout all aspects of life. In her spare time, she loves to speak with God, eat Snicker's and think about the zombie apocalypse. She is a forever learner.