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     Spooky season is here and Halloween is just around the corner. For those still looking for something to do, consider hosting a movie night with your friends! I asked Scotties what their favorite Halloween movies are and why; here are their answers.


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Halloween Town

Sydney likes it because it was what she watched growing up and it’s an adorable film. Sarah agrees and adds that it “put[s] her in a Halloween mood.”


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Hocus Pocus

Sydney likes it because she “always watched as a kid.” Sarah watched it as a child as well considers it synonymous with Halloween.


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Over the Garden Wall

Though this one is technically “a limited series,” it can be watched consecutively as a movie. Daryen loves it because it’s unpredictable and “very thrilling…and the characters are so funny and cute!”



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Don’t Look Under the Bed

Sydney likes it because it “still scares [her]” as much as when she first watched it.”


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Sophia likes this movie because it’s “a quirky dark comedy that appeals to a lot of ages and still gets across some important messages.” Rosemary agrees and describes Beetlejuice as “GOTH GOALS.”


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Sophia enjoys Coraline because, despite being marketed as a children’s movie, it can be enjoyed by teens and adults because it “ended up being a lot darker and very imaginative and also has important underlying themes.”


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The Ring

Sydney likes it because it was one of the first movies “to REALLY scare [her]” and it still does.


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Final Destination

Sydney likes it because it is “super realistic.”


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This is Sam’s guilty pleasure movie! They like it because they are “scary but they’re not supernatural.”


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Laura thinks Poltergeist is “scary, yet iconic.”



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The Exorcist

Laura says that the Poltergeist is so scary that it “keeps [her] up at night” and “gives [her] a rush of life.”



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The Sixth Sense

Sophia loves the pacing of this movie; it starts slow but “builds up to an amazing finish.” It also has what she describes as “one of the best plot twists of all time.”



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Tara loves this film because “it’s amazingly well-crafted, the acting is phenomenal.” She says that it stands alone among horror films because it is “something enjoyable and the ending is legitimately terrifying.”



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The Addams Family

Rosemary enjoys the classic Addams family. Elizabeth adds that the sequel is equally enjoyable.  

Hope  all you Scotties are ready for Halloween!  Enjoy some of these movies, rewatch some of your own favorite fall classics, or check out the Irvine to see events hosted by ASC. Remember to have fun, do something spooky (or don’t, whatever makes you the most comfortable), and stay safe.

Maya Gelting

Agnes Scott '22

Maya is a freshman at ASC. She currently plans to major in creative writing and minor in music (vocal performance). She loves traveling, reading and writing, cats, and chocolate.