Podcasts to Keep Your Mind Warm

As much as I love music, sometimes (by which I mean early mornings) I can’t stomach it. This became an issue when I needed something to listen to on the drive to school, where I was always really tired. This is where my saving grace comes in: podcasts. They are enough to keep my mind awake but not too annoying to my non-morning personality, and I’ve learned so much without even feeling like I’ve been learning! If you’re interested in some new podcasts, here are my top three at the moment.

(Image Credit: That's So Retrograde)

That’s So Retrograde is my current favorite podcast. Hosted by Elizabeth Knot and Stephanie Simbari, this podcast brings wellness to the forefront of culture by looking into different health and wellness trends and their benefits. From their website, the ladies of That’s So Retrograde seek out their most authentic selves, one mistake — or mindful awakening — at a time, while graciously bringing their listeners along for the ride.

As a person who loves learning about ways to better myself, this podcast was an instant hit. They discuss everything from essential oils to groups fighting for different groups’ rights to how to bring the best out of your life, and so much more. If you’re interested in general wellness tips — with a few alternative ideas sprinkled in along the way — this podcast is for you.

(Image Credit: iTunes, TEDtalks Daily)

Have you ever fallen down the TED Talk hole? Do you spend your free time watching these hypnotic discussions? If so, the TED Talks Daily podcast may be your next listening binge. These podcasts are solely the audio from TED Talks, and from listening to them I have actually gained information I used in class. Anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, they are perfect for commutes, walking to class, or that awkward 7 minutes that you want to fill with something. You can impress your friends, professors, and maybe even your mom with the facts you’ll learn from this awesome podcast.

(Image Credit: iTunes, Bloom)

My last suggestion is not currently releasing new episodes, but I have enjoyed the content that is out currently so I thought I’d put it on here. Love Rice is a podcast about positivity. It discusses topics such as self-care, belonging, and other ideas of positivity, bringing in professionals on the topic. It really gives deeper insights into these ideas of positivity that I had never thought of. Even though they haven’t released any episodes recently, I highly recommend the current content that has been released.

Let these podcasts keep your mind engaged as the weather gets cold, and if you listen to any of them, I hope you enjoy!