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An Open Letter to Non-Athletes at Agnes

Dear Non-Athletes at Agnes Scott, 

First thing’s first, we know we are loud and annoying sometimes. I can’t count how many times I’ve been at the table full of athletes yelling, laughing and running across Evans. We are the ones flooding Mollie’s after practice, making the lines incredibly long. We know we look ridiculous showing up to class with a duffle bag, our backpacks, and all our sports gear. While we agree our behaviors around campus can be frustrating, I’m here to tell you why we act the way we do. 

Since Agnes is such a small campus, we have to make up for all the lost team spirit. Where we lack in audience numbers, we excel in school pep, teamwork, and friendship. Go to any game on campus and you’ll see the stands packed with our sibling sports. We love cheering each other on both on and off the field, so you better know we will be yelling for each other on game days. 

When you’re on a team, you are more than just a classmate to the people around you. For our goals to be accomplished, we need to know each other’s limits, fuels, and motivations. This inherently creates a sibling type bond across teams that is so tight-knit we become each other’s support system. We gravitate towards each other in everything we do on campus, which can probably be why you see our “packs” walking around the quad. Also, we are around each other for six days out of the week. Whether it is 6:00 am workouts or we are getting out of study hall at 10:00 pm, not getting along isn’t a good use of our time. Next time you see us taking up three tables in Evans, join the fun. 

Lastly, we know that there’s a big divide between athletics and the rest of the campus. We are working hard on plans to bridge that gap. Whether it brings more people to our games or bigger athlete engagement across campus, please know that we want to make Agnes even more fun and inclusive. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of your athletic Scottie Siblings with ways you’d like to see our community come together.



Taylor Yates

Agnes Scott '22

Hey! I'm Taylor, a softball player from the PNW who is striving for a career in Marketing. I have passion for our environment, cats and longboarding.
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