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Meet Maddie Dekarske!

1.     Name, major, hometown, year, relationship status

Well, my name is Madeline Dekarske, but I go by Maddie for the most part. I have this fun nickname system with another Madeline here. She’s Big Maddy, while I’m Little Maddie. I’m from the can’t-make-up-it’s-mind-on-the-weather Midwest. Really, I live in Newburgh, Indiana (it’s been home for 3 years). I’m planning to double major in Chemistry (ACS approved) and French. I’m in the lovely Class of 2017, and so is my boyfriend (but he goes to Colorado School of Mines). His name is Nick, and he’s majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Electrical Engineering.

2.     What do you like to do in your free time?

My free time is kind of a funny thing. I study. A lot. Between school and my activities, I’m either in a friend’s room making bad puns or adventuring in Decatur/Atlanta. If I’m not studying, chilling in a friend’s room, or exploring, I’m most likely in the science center hanging with my gnomies.

3.     What are you involved in around campus?

I’m on Honor Court, a Student Recruiter, the American Chemical Society, GEMS (Agnes’s STEM group) and the Interfaith Board. Last semester, I was on the Student Admission Lunch Team, but it didn’t fit into my schedule this semester. I also was the First Year Trivia Chair for Black Cat. I really can’t wait for next year’s Black Cat!

4.     Celebrity Crush

Celebrity crushes: easily, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anne Hathaway. Easily.

5.     Favorite place in Atlanta

That’s a funny one. Errr, I liked Little Five Points quite a bit, but I’m also fond of the shopping to be done at Atlantic Station. Of the two, Little Five takes the cake.

6.     Guilty Pleasure

I have many guilty pleasures: fanfiction, chocolate, Ke$ha, kpop, shoes, etc. The question should be, what isn’t my guilty pleasure?

7.     Favorites:

a.      Band/artist: I’m really digging Ke$ha right now. “Cannibal” is my current favorite song to run to. I’m also really into the Killers, Mumford & Sons, and Marina and The Diamonds

b.     Animal: I don’t really have one favorite animal. I love bears (my family has quite a few jokes surrounding bears) and turtles. Otters too. Fun fact: the stadium in “A League of Their Own” is the stadium in my hometown, Evansville. The baseball team that plays there is the Otters.

c.      Movie: I love Disney movies and feel good movies such as “The Bucket List,” but Star Wars and Revenge of the Nerds jostle for my favorite movie. There’s never a bad time to watch either. Also, save Ferris. Now, that’s a classic.

d.     Sports team: The Green Bay Packers are my team. My dad’s from Wisconsin, so I’m not a bandwagoner (I promise). I also like the Detroit Tigers, since most of my family is from Michigan (plus I was born in Kalamazoo).

e.      Book: I live off books. I really like “The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things,” “Looking for Alaska,” and “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian.” No one can make me choose. I refuse to choose my favorite between those three.

8.     If you could do and be anything in the world in the future, what would you be??

If I could do and/or be anything in the future? Wow, what possibilities. I would love to be a chemist working in France with a cute little house, so my family could visit (including my host mother from Brest, France!). Seriously though, all I want to do is be happy and make it an adventure (I’m not a homebody). Whatever the adventure is, I love surprises.

9.     What is your golden rule you think everyone should follow?

My golden rule is love thy neighbor as thyself, which is basically treat others as how you wish to be treated. This is a lesson my mother drilled into me at a very young age.

10.   Top tip for Agnes Scott students?

The obvious tip would be to find a balance between work and play. However, I think there’s a better tip: erasers are on the end of pencils for a reason. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s just how we bounce back that makes all the difference.

11.  What do you do for fun on and off of campus?

On campus, I’m most likely making puns (and making people groan) in some room/hallway/classroom. Off campus, I’m usually at Starbucks, studying. When I do go off campus for fun, I’m exploring Atlanta. Every trip is a new adventure

12.   Most embarrassing moment?

Hahaha! I have quite a few embarrassing moments. It’s hard to make me feel awkward, but if someone can, ‘grats to them. However, back in the day, we were in church one Sunday. I was perhaps 6 or so, and during the silence for the long prayer that culminates in the Lord’s Prayer, I kindofsortofmaybe said in a clear, loud voice for our pastor to “hurry up.” There was no way he could not have heard me. Did I mention that at that time we sat in the back?          

13.  Favorite class? Favorite professor?

I really don’t have a favorite class, because I like all of mine. However, I really enjoyed my FYS last semester (Women and Rock Music). My Chemistry classes with Dr. Winget are always fun because she’s just beyond funny. Take a class with her. For example, a student last semester asked Dr. Winget about the test next week to which Dr. Winget  responded, “Test? Oh, we have a test?” You could just see her mouthing a bad word (she has two toddlers at home, so it’s probably a bit crazy). She’s wonderful because I think she explains the material well.

14.  Favorite place on Agnes’ campus?

I LOVE the library. And the science center. I live in both of those places.

15.  What is your number one deal breaker and deal maker?

Deal breaker: Pretentious guys. If a guy thinks he’s the cat’s meow and doesn’t recognize me as an equal, then we have a problem.

Deal maker: If a guy can make me laugh, we’re good. Also, he must see me as his equal (I’ve been in a relationship where my (now ex) boyfriend saw women as inferior).

16.  Describe yourself in 3 words?

Punny. Friendly. Loyal.

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Grace Spurgin

Agnes Scott

Grace Spurgin is a freshman at Agnes Scott College in the great Decatur-Atlanta area, but born and raised in sunny Tampa, Florida. She is double majoring in International Relations and Political Science in hopes of one day studying International law. She is an active member in Colonnade Club, which deals with alumnae events and relations, and Programming Board for all school event planning. She is the founder of the Agnes Scott chapter for Her Campus. She loves to travel and try any new things; for example, she is a certified deep sea diver!
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