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Meet Hannah Pasch, Our Social Media Director!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

Meet Hannah Pasch! Some of you may have already met her in the Office of Admission, where she works, or seen her running between Buttrick and Bullock as she tries to make it to class on time. A lucky few of you may have met her and not even known it; in the first semester of her first year, Hannah would occasionally don a purple morph suit and try to raise the spirits of unsuspecting Scotties. Either way, I think you should definitely get to know her better.

Class Year: 2019

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Major/Minor: Nursing/ History

Currently Binge-watching: The Office

Favorite Cake Flavor: Publix Yellow Cake with extra icing


The most important questions:


Her Campus: If you were a story-tale pirate what would your name be and what awesome outfit would you wear?

Hannah Pasch: My name would be Plank Blossom and I would wear a full-out tie-dyed outfit — shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, and bandana.


HC: What are your top 5 bucket list items?

HP: In no particular order: Throw watermelons off of a cliff, scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, meet Lauren Graham, read the Bible all the way through, ride an airplane into the eye of a hurricane.


HC: What 5 (non-essential) things can you not live without?

HP: Netflix, my car, my computer, a deck of cards, and hair ties.


HC: Why are you so obsessed with Lauren Graham?

HP: I first discovered Lauren Graham when I started watching my now all-time favorite TV show, Gilmore Girls. I have now tried to watch all the TV shows and movies she is in and read her autobiography. I love her acting style and her character in Gilmore Girls, Lorelai, who reminds me of myself and how I always want to be carefree and love life no matter what it throws at you.

HC: Melissa McCarthy is also in Gilmore Girls and you got to meet her in the Fall. How was that?

HP: IT WAS AWESOME! When I heard Melissa was going to be on Agnes’ campus, I knew I had to meet her and have her sign my first season of Gilmore Girls (check out the signature in the picture below). It is my goal to meet the Gilmore Girl cast, I have 2 characters down and quite a few more to go.


HC: Give us the soundtrack to your life so far.


Childhood – Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack

Middle School – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper

High School – F*** Up Some Commas, Future

College/Present– Changing of the Seasons, Two Door Cinema Club  

HC: Which faculty/staff member do you relate to the most at Agnes?

HP: I think different aspects of my personality relate to different professors. I relate to Professor Schlig (Spanish)  a lot when I think of my goofy side. I am not a very good Spanish speaker, but that was one of my favorite classes at Agnes so far because he made me laugh so hard in class. I know I cried from laughter at least once in his class, but I think twice because I was laughing so hard… It was a little embarrassing. When I think of my work ethic and my passion for science, I relate most to Professor Levin (Biology). I had the joy of having her this past semester and if you have had her as a professor, you know her passion is contagious. She is so intelligent and amazing to learn from.



By now, you can probably tell that Hannah is an extremely complicated, yet whimsical human being. If you’re not friends with her already, you should get working on that.



Now let’s get serious:  

HC: If you had a job on campus, what would it be?

HP: I would love to be a professor. I would have difficulty choosing between teaching history or science, though. If I was a science professor, I would definitely teach Biology specializing in Anatomy and Physiology. If I was a history professor, I would specialize in American history.


HC: What about nursing appeals to you?

HP: I love science, especially medical science, and I have always known I wanted to go into the medical field. When it came to choosing what type of specialty in the medical field, I always felt nursing was the job for me. My sister was born with VACTERL Syndrome and being able to take care of her all my childhood helped me find my passion for nursing. I wanted that one on one, everyday contact with patients and their families. I look forward to being in the science every day, but at the same time building relationships and being able to make someone’s hospital stay a little easier.


HC: What is your dream job other than nursing?

HP: I would love to be a professor, but I’ve already said a little about that. My other dream job would be to be a meteorologist. I have always been in love with weather. Being from Florida, I used to get so excited when hurricanes would come. It was actually quite a sight because when I was little I was also scared of storms. So when storms would come I would be so excited and fascinated, but also crying and hiding.


HC: If you could establish a club on campus what would it be?

HP: I would start a bucket list club. In the club, we would go as a group and do at least one thing off of everyone’s bucket lists in the school year.


HC: What do you miss the most back home?

HP: I miss the water!!! I have always lived 30-40 minutes away from the beach and would go to the beach sometimes multiple times a week. I miss the beach and driving to school and passing the ocean. I definitely want to live near water again someday.


Elizabeth Wolfe

Agnes Scott '18

Elizabeth is the Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Agnes Scott. As a Junior at Agnes Scott, she is majoring in English-Literature and Political Science with a focus on human rights. Currently, she is an intern for Atlanta's premier alt-weekly magazine Creative Loafing.