Meet Candace "Cinnamon" Spates '19

Anyone who's lucky enough to know Cinnamon understand just how much joy she brings to everyone around her. Her quick wit coupled with her clever comebacks keeps everyone on their toes. Every time I see Cinnamon she makes sure to ask me about my day; she truly is a class act.

HC: What’s your full name?

CS: Candace “Cinnamon” Spates. The middle name is a secret.

HC: Where did you get the nickname, "Cinnamon?"

CS: I’ve been acting since I was in Kindergarten. One of the kids I worked with when I was younger couldn’t pronounce the “C” in my name. So she started calling me Cinnamon. She explained that cinnamon is a spice that, if used the right way, can be sweet in many ways. By contrast, if it’s used the wrong way, it can be spicy. It represents who I am in more ways than one.

HC: What’s the number one song on your playlist right now?

CS: Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean

HC: What are you doing for Halloween?

CS: I’m a child of God; being a good girl. But straight up: costumes are expensive.

HC: Where are you from?

CS: I’m equally split between the ATL and Chicago.

HC: Which one do you like more?

CS: Atlanta, mostly because home is where my Dad is.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

CS: Stable, and very much alive.

HC: Who’s your sports team?

CS: All-time favorite… I would say the San Francisco 49ers. For basketball, though, I love the New Orleans Pelicans. Anthony Davis number 23, that’s my man.

HC: What’s one thing you wish people knew about you?

CS: I’m here, even when I’m not. Really, I’m here for you even, even when I’m not here for myself.

HC: That’s deep.

CS: Yep!

HC: Final question; what’s your all-time favorite meal?

CS: My mom’s Calypso pasta. It’s a Caribbean seafood dish with spicy shrimp and spicy chicken, with a calypso sauce that makes you feel like you’re on the island.