Meet Alumna Sharisse Victor ‘16

Sharisse Victor definitely made her mark during her undergraduate years at Agnes. From being a representative in student government, to presenting her summer research at the University of Pittsburg a year ago, she proved herself as a positive role model in the ASC community. And even while doing all these amazing things, she managed to graduate a whole semester early! The road definitely wasn’t easy--she had to put in major work to get there. Most importantly, she had to find herself along the way.

Name:  Sharisse Victor

Graduating month/year: December, 2016

Area(s) of study: Africana Studies, Pre-Med Track

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Current city of residence: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Agnes memory: Dancing on tables during my last Pancake Jam

Hobbies: Volunteering, Cooking with my mom, Traveling

Favorite song/artist: Frank Ocean

Favorite food: Roti and curry

An interesting fact about you: I plan on joining the military for medical school! *fingers crossed!*

HC: Was it originally a part of your plans to graduate a semester early? If not, how did it happen?

SV: No, it wasn’t; Firstly, I came in to Agnes with a few I.B. credits-- maybe about two classes worth. When I started college, I wanted to be a Journalism major, and spent my entire first year focused on that. However, when I changed my mind to Medicine sophomore year, I found myself a year behind on my pre-med pre-requisites, which caused me to double-up on my course load. I ended up taking 21 credits for 5 semesters, which was SUPER stressful, but ended up working out for the best!

HC: Wow, switching from journalism to medicine is a huge jump! What made you want to change your major? Do you have any encouraging words for Scotties who may not be secure with their major decision?

SV: Crazy, right? Honestly, it just felt wrong (cheesy, I know.) Classes I thought I would enjoy became boring and tedious, and I found myself more interested in my science classes than my English classes. Plus, it doesn’t deviate too far from the norm for me, since I come from a family of nurses. For any Scottie who isn’t quite sure if their major is right for them: Don’t be afraid to take that risk! It may seem like you’re setting yourself back, but ultimately doing work you actually enjoy will not only make college seem like less of a chore, but set you up for a career doing something you love, too!

HC: Could you briefly describe your transition from college to the workforce?

SV: My transition made me really anxious, actually! I didn’t leave Agnes with a job secured like most of my fellow Scotties, so I was nervous that I’d end up being unemployed for longer than I had anticipated. Thankfully, it only took me about a month to secure a job, which was a relief. In regards to work itself, it’s taking a lot to get reaccustomed to not having breaks throughout my day like I did in college. However, I’m really knowledgeable about my job because of my experiences at Agnes, so the transition is relatively smooth!

HC: Where do you currently work? How do you like it?

SV: I currently work at Antech Diagnostics, a Veterinary Laboratory, as a Laboratory Technician. I basically run tests on samples drawn from our clients’ pets to help diagnose diseases and other abnormalities. I love it! Even though I don’t intend on becoming a Veterinarian, being able to have hands on experience in a laboratory like this is a worthwhile opportunity for any aspiring medical professional. Plus, the flexible schedule allows me to study for the MCAT in my downtime!

HC: So your favorite artist is Frank Ocean. What’s your favorite line from one of his songs?

SV: I have so many! Here’s one from his newest album: ”You know I'm Africano Americano, and even if you're half Japanese, roots run deep” -Futura Free, Blonde.


HC: What are your favorite things to cook?

SV: Any type of pasta, chicken curry, and BBQ chicken.

HC: You’re stranded on an island for a week. What are three items (other than food and water) do you have to have with you?

SV: One of those old-school MP3 players that took 5000 years to die filled with my favorite songs, a tent I can set up in a tree, and some books to keep me occupied.

HC: What is some advice you may have for the senior class?

SV: We’re almost there! The finish line is so close! Push through and finish strong!

HC: What’s one of the greatest lessons you learned in 2016?

SV: “Self-care is the best care.” Be sure to take some time out of your schedule to decompress. Being stressed out and busy all the time are the worst combo and can take a huge toll on you.