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Dear Witkaze, 


Every single Wednesday night,  I get a rush of bliss whenever I click on the Zoom link of our Witzake Discord. As a first-year, it has been difficult to adjust to the life of being a college student, and as stress accumulates throughout the week, having that middle weekday dedicated to Witkaze has made my adjustment easier. Getting the chance to spend time with Witkaze members has truly been a highlight of my first year so far. Each moment that we get to spend time with each other, whether it be through watch parties, hosted events, or just a simple general body meeting it has left such a great impression on me as a first-year student.


Having a cultivated black and identity inclusive space has definitely made me feel at home whenever we meet with each other. Each member of Witkaze has been so friendly and supportive especially to us first-years. I am very appreciative of the fact that despite COVID-19 being the only barrier that prevents us from being physically near each other, I can definitely say that the members of Witkaze do a great job of developing an authentic place of community even through a virtual lens.


In regards to events, the committees within Witkaze really do make a strong effort to put on events that encapsulate enjoyable experiences that let Scotties enjoy and engage. Recently, Witkaze hosted a Date Raffle event that raised all proceeds for charity. Contestants and bidders got the chance to have fun and auction off their time to hopefully meet a potential partner. As someone who is part of the PR committee, I can attest first hand how organized and thoughtfully planned this event was. All of the committees and members really did an amazing job of executing one of their most memorable and popular events. I can definitely say that I and my peers are excited about future events that Witkaze will host.


This week I really wanted to write about Witkaze because I have not gotten the chance to express how appreciative I am to be part of this community and I wanted to especially thank Che Carter, the executive president of Witkaze. Che has an infectious lively spirit that creates a vulnerable and open atmosphere that allows for us to be unapologetically black. I really look forward to being a part of this organization for many years to come, and I can’t for future black Scotties to join our community and become acquainted with such amazing people. More importantly, I can’t wait to get the chance to build more memories and grow more closer with my members of Witkaze.





Cassandra Calixte

Agnes Scott '24

Cassandra is a second-year contributor to HerCampus at Agnes Scott College. Cassandra plans to major in Economics. In her future endeavors, she seeks the chance to go to grad school and write a book one day. Cassandra is a firm believer in the ability of words to ignite inspiration and provide refuge for those who need it. She is also a bit of a Flim fanatic!
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