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There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Lori Harvey and her dating history– specifically about men dragging her name any chance that they get. Most recently, rapper Boosie appeared in an interview with DJ Vlad where the two discussed Lori Harvey’s previous relationships. Boosie stated that he would not marry a woman like her and, in a follow-up video, described her as “passed around.” Y’all, those clips were hard to watch, to say the least, but it got me thinking about why so many men– and some women– are pressed about Lori Harvey’s dating life and why many women are praising her.


In this interview, DJ Vlad goes down the list of her exes and refers to this list as her “body count.” After listing her exes, Boosie goes on to say that we should not give a woman power for dating multiple people, but instead, we should praise men like Future and Nick Cannon for all of the women that they have slept with. First, I want to point out that by definition, a relationship is not a “body” so the fact that they called it that lets us know that their only intention with this interview was to disrespect her. And second, I want to draw attention back to the word he used, “power,” which is what Lori Harvey has and why men are mad.


The power that Lori Harvey has is in her ability to walk away from relationships that she is not happy in without any restraints. She is financially free and has no children by the men that she no longer wants to date. Boosie and Future have to stay tethered to many of the women of their past because of the children that they share with them– children who they hardly wanted/complained about having to take care of. Boosie is honestly just mad that she is able to walk away from relationships without looking back because he is unable to do that himself. 


After receiving backlash from his comments, Boosie makes a follow-up video claiming that Harvey is “passed around” and asked if we would want that for our daughter. Personally, I would not want anything to do with the sex life of my 24-year-old, grown, adult daughter, but considering that this is coming from the same man that inserts himself in the business of everyone else’s child, it does not surprise me that he does. But this all goes back to my previous point about his intentions of disrespecting her.


The reason women are praising Lori Harvey is that she has the power and awareness of her value to leave relationships that do not suit her to find someone that treats her better. I finally want to point out that, despite having her name in someone else’s mouth every two seconds, Harvey has not responded to any of the backlash nor will she because she is above all of it. She is going to continue to do what she does because she’s not focused on men like Boosie, she’s focused on doing what’s best for her.


Lourrain Simon

Agnes Scott '21

Lourrain Simon is a senior at Agnes Scott College majoring in English Creative Writing and minoring in French. Aside from writing short stories, her favorite things to write about are movie reviews and articles sharing her opinions about political and pop culture news. Her other hobbies include dancing and doing makeup art.
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