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Loren Walter on Being Biracial, Chicago, and her Agnes Involvement

Loren Walter is a sophomore from Chicago, a great person, and a (disclaimer!) close friend. This interview was conducted while I drove her to get her eyebrows threaded, a strange trip that nevertheless proved fruitful with information. We started off the conversation the same way almost every class has started this week: stating majors.  



HC: So, tell me about your major.


LW: I’m majoring in political science with a minor in Spanish.


HC: And was that always the plan?


LW: My parents and family wanted me to become like a doctor or nurse or something, like that’s all women can do, you know how parents are, especially minority parents. I’d always liked watching the news, but I took AP Gov in high school and really fell in love with it. I love talking about public policy and current events.


HC: What about the Spanish minor?


LW: My mom is from Spain, and my dad is black but he speaks Spanish. Don’t ask me why.


HC: To get with your mom, right?!


LW: No, he spoke Spanish before he met her!


HC: Do you consider yourself to be a minority?


LW: Wait, has the interview started?


HC: Yes!


LW: Oh!! I was wondering why you were asking these questions so specifically. Yes, I am biracial so I am a minority, but I’m also aware of the privilege I have by having lighter skin.



HC: You’re very tan right now. (Loren just got back from spending a month in Spain.)


LW: Yeah, I am in the summer but in the winter, I get pale.


HC: Speaking of winter, do you miss Chicago?


LW: Yes and no. It’s my hometown, where I was born and raised, so even though it has some terrible parts, I’ll always love it. I mainly miss it because that’s where my family is, but I think it’s easier for me because I have family here as well. Plus you guys (meaning her friends, not Her Campus, sorry!) are my family.


The formal interview took a brief break here to discuss what a nice thing that was to say. When we resumed the Q&A, we pivoted to campus involvement.


HC: What types of activities are you involved in on campus?


LW: So far, only Ignite (an organization focused on getting young women involved in politics). I’m on the exec board as the event coordinator, and this summer they sent me to D.C. for a conference. This semester I’d like to get more engaged.


HC: Any interest in joining Her Campus?


LW: Ha! No…


HC: I think we’re done here. Thanks for your time and have a great semester!


All photos courtesy of Loren Walter


Claire Romine

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Claire Romine was born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. She currently attends Agnes Scott College, as an English Literature and Political Science double major. Interests include yelling about Taylor Swift and reading terrible young adult novels.
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