Java Cats Cam


On my last visit to the Java Cats cafe, I learned some wonderful news: the cafe has a camera to watch the kitties! It’s on 24/7 through a product called Pet Cube.

There is supposedly a function to control a laser to play with the kitties as well, although I didn’t figure that part out on the app. I did, however, discover a whole plethora of other cameras were set up by shelters, people fostering animals, and many cat cafes. I even found a cafe I’d visited on a trip to San Diego, The Cat Cafe! Not many people have such distinctive palm tree cat trees.

So, if you’ve been feeling the same midterms stress as me, I would encourage you to scroll through some kitty feeds and see if you can play with some of them! Even better, go visit your local cat cafe (especially if it has shelter adoption cats) and give the cats some love in person. You’ll want to take them all home!