The Influence of Sports: An Interview with Katherine Takats, '21

Like my roommate, Katherine Takats, many students have engaged in sports and other athletic activities during their high school years. Unlike my roommate, I did not take advantage of the opportunity to participate in sports, which led to my curiosity about how these activities may have influenced her life. Everyone has hheard fromteachers, parents, or even peers that physical activity can improve your ability to function and pay attention in school, so I have decided to put that to the test by asking my roommate how she feels about her experiences.

Her Campus: What activities did you participate in as a teenager in high school?

Katherine Takats: I was on my school’s soccer team for a little while. Then I took up the hobby of horseback riding and joined my school’s swim and dive team.

(Photo by Peter Glaser on Unsplash)

HC: How do you feel your participation in these sports has impacted your life?

KT: They impacted my life in both negative and positive ways. The negative influence would definitely be the injuries I got while playing soccer. I fractured my back and tore ligaments in my right leg so now I can’t play any contact sports. On the bright side, however, my inability to play contact sports has led me to try new things. I actually joined the swim and dive team and decided to go horseback riding as a result of no longer being able to play soccer. Although I missed playing soccer, it was a nice change.

HC: From your description, it's safe to say that you faced many difficulties while playing sports. How did you overcome the other difficulties you faced in these sports?

KT: Whenever I had difficulties, with certain moves in any sports, I practiced over and over again until I found what works for me. Personally, that was the most effective way to do it.

HC: Were the difficulties worth it in the end?

KT: Yes! The feeling of satisfaction after working through the difficulties for a long time is amazing.

HC: What about your studies? How did playing sports affect your abilities as a student?

KT: I don’t feel as though it improved my ability to function mentally, but  it did provide me with more motivation to maintain a certain GPA. I wanted to continue playing, and I was required to keep my GPA at a certain level.

HC: Was time management a challenge for you?

KT: Oh, definitely.  Most of my practices continued into the late evening. I usually got home at about 8:30 - 9:45 PM and had to stay up late to complete my homework.

(Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash)

HC: Do you have any advice for student athletes about how to overcome their struggles?

KT: Not really. I am no longer participating in these sports as a college student so they are probably more knowledgeable than I am right now. Also, different things work for different people. What works for me might not work for others.

HC: Would you recommend that other students play sports?

KT: Not necessarily sports, but any physical activity works. Staying active is great for the mind and for the body.