How to Vision Board

Two weeks ago, I attended Peak Week, and one of the sessions I attended was Vision Board 101. I have never fully committed to a vision board until that day, and now I want to talk about how to make a vision board perfect for you and why vision boards are so important.

What you’ll need:

Scissors, a poster board, a ton of magazines or printable images, glue or tape, and a deep focus.


What to Do:

When you’re looking for images, don’t just choose something because it looks cool. With a vision board, every word or image should have meaning. It is something that you will look back at to remind you of the path you are on for a bright future. Let the image reference something that you want to achieve in the future, a place you want to go, or a state of mind you want to be in. Be messy! Rip away at the paper in the magazine, because you can clean up the edges later.

Once you have your images, how do you want it to be placed? I don’t like any of the poster board to show, so I stacked the images on top of each other and rotated some images just to fill the blank space. Other people in the session first found patterns that they liked and covered the entire poster in those prints. I also saw people divide their board up in four categories: school, relationships, career, and travel. The images ended up overlapping, and it looked really cool.


Now you can start cutting and pasting. You will certainly have to adjust your images after you think of where to put them. You will likely have to adjust even after you glue it down, so be prepared for that. The activity was scheduled to be only an hour long, but we stayed in there for an hour and a half and I still had to finish it when I got back to my room.

Now that you’re done, put it somewhere where you can see it. Even though you probably won’t be consciously staring at it every day, it will be visible in your environment and hopefully challenge you subconsciously to go after all of the things you put on your board.