How to Stay Motivated for the Rest of the Semester

Coming back from two weeks of break, I realized that I lost almost all will to drag myself through the rest of this semester. That being said, I have crafted a list of ways to keep going until the end of the semester with the last of your conserved energy and patience.


Have something to look forward to. Waiting for that fateful final exam may be too far ahead, so find things to look forward to that rest within the week. For me, I love podcasts, Youtube videos, and other weekly things. I like a lot of them, so I do not have to wait every Wednesday for just one thing. I have Patriot Act on Sundays, Run BTS on Tuesdays, The Friend Zone Podcast on Wednesdays, The Read podcast on Thursdays… You get the gist. Once one good thing goes, I can look forward to another good thing within 24 hours.


You might want to create a new schedule. Just because your daily routine worked for you two weeks ago, does not mean it should or will work for you in the future. The middle of the semester is the perfect time to reevaluate how you get by day to day. Maybe you should go to lunch now. Try to find scheduled times to force yourself to take that nap!


Don’t forget about yourself. Getting caught up in school work and social life creates a whirlpool of distractions, and it often leaves you completely out of the equation. After watching the new episodes of Queer Eye, I am reminded to find time to take care of myself. That fifteen minutes of a face mask allows me to stay still and reset. Watching murder mysteries while deep conditioning my hair lets me shut my brain off while doing something that is beneficial to how I feel about myself.


Lean on people. Now is not the time to have too much pride. It’s the final stretch, and you should find someone that wants to see you succeed. Ask for help when you need it; Let them know when you don’t have time to print out your essay and go to the bathroom. People that support you are here to help.


Listen to your body. Finally, this is one of the most important tips. There are times when your mind and your body are not connected, especially when you have to get an assignment done. Take time, whether it be five minutes or thirty seconds, to see what your body is saying to you. Do you need water? Should you stretch? Are your eyelids getting more and more droopy as time goes on? Give your body a chance to speak so that you can perform better as the end of the semester nears.