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How to Read Your Natal Chart: Part II

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.



This is the part two of my first How to Read Your Natal Chart post. In my last post, I discussed how to understand the planets in your natal chart. This post is about understanding the houses in your chart.


For more in-depth information on how to read your natal chart, check out ManRepeller.com and CafeAstrology.com.


As always, to know your houses and planets, you need to know your natal chart. This is where the celestial bodies were set up in space when you were born.



The numbers on your natal chart indicate each house. There are twelve houses in total. Planets and houses are different because while having Mercury in Leo establishes qualities of a Leo within communication (symbol of Mercury), the sixth house in Leo means specifically work and health and how qualities of a Leo play out in your personality through work and health.


Houses are way more organized than your planets. While you could have multiple planets in the same constellation, houses go in order. This is where having a rising/ascendant sign could be helpful. From the example above, my rising is Aquarius. As the houses go in order, so do the constellations/zodiac signs. Your rising sign is also your first house! There is no repetition when it comes to houses. Incorporate your own signs with each of these houses, and see what you learn about yourself!


1. The First House (Rising/Ascendant): self-image

2. The Second House: money and finances

3. The Third House: close platonic relationships and our immediate environments

4. The Fourth House: family and childhood

5. The Fifth House: self-expression, creativity, and entertainment

6. The Sixth House: work and health

7. The Seventh House: marriage and long-term partnerships

8. The Eighth House: both transformation and sexuality

9. The Ninth House: belief systems and faith

10. The Tenth House: careers and responsibility

11. The Eleventh House: aspirations and personal goals

12. The Twelfth House: privacy, secrets, and karma

There is part two of learning about your natal chart! Of course, there is so much more to learn within your natal chart, such as your Eros and Juno sign. There is so much about you to remember now, and as astrology is growing more and more popular, it may be helpful to take some screenshots for safe keeping! Now, when someone posts their natal chart in their Tinder bio, it won’t look like a foreign language to you.

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