How to Read Your Natal Chart



So you just got the results back from your natal chart, and you have no idea what to do with these numbers, constellations, planets, and houses. I’m here to help.


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If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain. Your natal chart is a list of how outer space was set up in the sky the moment you were born. A natal chart allows you to understand yourself, and others, deeper. This goes beyond your sun sign, otherwise known as the main zodiac sign that you look up when you read your horoscope. I got my natal chart through Cafe Astrology, but there are many websites and apps that can provide you with your natal chart. What you need to fill out your chart may be more complicated than it seems. Before you can get your list of planets, you need your birth date, the city you were born in, and the hardest part for most of us, the exact time you were born. Some websites do not require you to input your birth time. Having a birth time just makes it a little more precise. This also correlates with your rising/ascendant sign, which is one of the least important signs because it only applies to you as you are growing up. In other words, you’ll grow out of it. Once you have applied all required steps, you get your natal chart.


Before I get started, it should be noted that I am in an astronomy class, where astrology is seen as a pseudoscience, and I still follow my natal chart. You do not have to be completely into astrology to find your natal chart. Some people do it for fun, and some people do it to better understand themselves. Both are valid.



This sign is the main sign. Whether you love or hate astrology, you probably know what your sun sign is. The sun sign follows the 12 zodiac signs. This is who you are in broad terms.



Your moon sign is your emotionality. When a situation arises, how are your emotions? How do they influence how you react? Most people that know their natal chart will pair their moon signs with their sun signs when asked what their sign is. For instance, I’m a cancer sun and scorpio moon.



Like I said, some say that this is the least important sign. If you are perhaps emotionally underdeveloped, the way you present yourself to the world could reflect more of your rising/ascendant than your moon/sun sign. Once you grow more into yourself, this sign becomes less prevalent in how you react in situations. Basically, when you cringe at the things you did in middle school, that could be you traits of your rising sign disappearing.



Mercury is known for communication. This is how you solve problems and how you get along with others.



From mythology, Venus is known for love. This is the same in your birth chart. Whichever constellation Venus was in when you were born describes how you envision love and your love life.



God of war. Desire and action are the two most popular words I saw when I read up on what Mars stands for in your natal chart. This planet, paired with a sign, shows how you act out in situations. In matters of aggression, it can give you an idea of how you generally handle it.



Jupiter is about knowledge. It shows how you grow and educate yourself mentally and spiritually. This planet is also known for luck!



Saturn is a conservative planet. According to Cafe Astrology, Saturn is all about restriction and limitation. This sign shows where your limits are, if you even have any.



Uranus represents change. Not only in yourself, but change in the world. As a planet was a long and wide orbit, you and people the same age as you, usually have Uranus in the same sign. That sign is most likely Capricorn. The cut off for that is 1996, so for someone like me who was born in 1997, my Uranus went over a constellation into Aquarius. Until about the year 2012, Uranus was in Aquarius.



This is the dreamy planet. As the God of the sea, Neptune is full of creativity and sensitivity. It can also show you how or if you idealize matters in your life, including love.



Pluto, even though it has recently been declared not a planet by scientists, still holds importance in your natal chart. Pluto reflects power, ironically. This planet shows not only how you handle power dynamics, but also how you can grow from them.


Houses are another added portion of your natal chart. These tell you even more about who are you and how each house reflects a piece of you out to the world. I am still learning the houses, so I will come back with a part two to go into each of the houses and how to understand them!